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Gun Fight

Created by Cubical Industries

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This map has a resource pack for better textures for the custom made weapons, you can download it here.

This map is:

  • For Minecraft 1.8 or higher.
  • For 2 or more players.

Map Info:
This map is a pvp map, you have to join the Blue or the Red team, to win you have to kill 15, 30 or 60 enemies before they kill 15, 30 or 60 players in your team.

You can play in 3 different arenas:

  • An airport.
  • A military base in the desert.
  • A warship somewhere in the ocean.

The map doesn't only contain the normal minecraft weapons like a knife (sword) and a gun (bow), but also many explosives and special heal items that you can buy during the battle with the money you get for killing enemies (No Mods Needed). The map contains the following weapons:

  • Grenade (Throw it, when it hits the ground it explodes)
  • Dynamite (Throw it, it will change in tnt when it gots a block around it)
  • Mine (Place it on the ground, it will explode when an enemy steps on it)
  • Nuke (You can select a block with the nuke in your inventory, after that you'll get a detonator in your inventory to send a rocket to the selected block that creates a powerful explosion on the ground)
  • Smoke Screen (Place this on the ground to create a lot of smoke around you)
  • Sentry Gun (In all the arenas are special places called "SentryGunStands" where you can place them on, when an enemy gets to close to it, it will start to fire lots of bullets to him)
  • Medkit (An Instant Health II potion)
  • HealCircle (You can place this item on the ground and it creates a visible area where you and your teammates can stand in to heal for 10x2 health hearts)

Ingame you can use your Tab key to see how much money you have, and you have a book in your inventory to buy the items by clicking on there names

Server Properties:

  • pvp=true
  • enable-command-blocks=true

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Map Details

Creator: Cubical Industries
(34 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.1
Size: 4.2 MB
Added: 2015-02-10
Downloads: 23,201
Category: PVP Maps


JRedstone_ I found this map fun, but VERY laggy.

2015-05-07 18:47

Cubical Industries Quoting FireBird:
its cool but i would add more guns

That would be nice, but not so easy. Maybe I'll try to make a gun like the AK-47 one day :)

2015-03-25 22:19

FireBird its cool but i would add more guns

2015-03-15 14:53

Cubical Industries I used the "/execute .... ~ ~ ~ detect minecraft:block 0 /summon Arrow" command to summon the arrows, under the SentryGunStand I made a circle with for every fire direction a different block so I could use the detect part in the execute to see where you are in the range of the sentrygun :)

2015-02-17 21:19

killerhawk1465 Looks cool, I wonder how you got the bullets to fire out, or is it just lots of bows and dispensers.

2015-02-17 03:09


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