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Created by Franchovy

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Welcome to CAKE BREAK!

This map is a PVP survival map, made for any number of players greater than 1. It is perfect if you need a map between a few friends to play for a few hours and you're up for a thrilling survival where you have to use your wits to be the last team standing.

The game's concept is:

  • There are four teams. Players can choose which team the want to be a part of before the game starts. Then, once the game starts, players need to hurry to cover all their survival needs.
  • Classic skyblock survival is needed: build a cobblestone generator, farms, plant trees, etc. However, you might want to keep your resources hidden so that you can go mess up other player's bases, and steal their resources to handicap them, like their lava or their saplings.
  • You have to bake cake as soon as you can:

There is an automatic point system:

  • Teams get 3 points every time a team player eats a slice of cake
  • Teams lose 10 points every time a team player dies.
  • Once a team reaches 0 points, they lose and are sent back to spawn to spectate.

All resources needed for cake-making are given in a chest that each team has. This includes a cow, a chicken, three buckets, and sugar cane. There is tall grass growing on the islands, you can get seeds from those. If you're especially unlucky, just go steal stuff from your enemies, it's easier than you think.

The game has intense dynamics; because you need to fight for your own survival, while trying to get points by making cakes, there is always tension between players. Some prefer to sneak and steal resources while you're busy mining from your cobblestone generator, some prefer to run and blow you up with TNT and light your defences up with fire charges. Either way, you have to stay cautious and ahead of the game in order to keep the advantage. And in the end, the only way to survive is by baking cakes.

This game averages around 1-3 hours. Some games may take shorter or longer, but if they do, either you're really impatient or really boring ;)

Here's a link to more images

You will start in the spawn of the map. Over there, there will be four pressure plates that will put you on each of the teams. You can decide your own teams, for example, choosing between a 2v2 or a 4-player f-f-a (generally, I would recommend spreading out players over the teams). Then you hit the "game start" levers, teleporting you to the islands. Each team has their own island. You should then rush to collect your resources from your chest and plant your sapling immediately. You then can get ahead by creating a cobblestone generator using dirt, water and lava. In general, at this stage, players will have to wait for their saplings to grow, leaving them to dig holes and setting up a basic base made of dirt and sand. Attacking people here is both risky and risk-free, since you can easily be spotted, because players are cautious and undistracted, but you don't have anything to lose, except points. 

Once your tree grows, you immediately start building tools, then defences. Now that you have tools, you can farm the seeds you harvest from tall grass and leave them to grow you wheat for your cakes. At this stage, it is also recommended to spawn the chicken and cow in a safe and protected area. You also are now armed, and can make much more effective attacks on your enemies, especially the ones waiting for their trees to grow. If you're still waiting for your tree to grow, I can recommend using your bucket of lava as a defence mechanism and staying on guard at the edge of your island for people building bridges to your side. 

Cakes eventually start to be made, once wheat starts growing. This means people start to regenerate their lost points, and usually, the people who make the most cakes have the biggest advantage and the least risk when it comes to fights. However, wheat grows very slowly, so at this stage, it is difficult to have a lot of cake. Also, if people are making cake, it means that both their animals have been spawned, so feel free to attack those, it will create a huge handicap. 

On the third night, monsters will start spawning. This means one has to spend their third day making torches and lighting up their island. Whoever doesn't will get completely overwhelmed with monsters. (If you don't have torches and are being overwhelmed, fear not. Just hide in a hole for the night. There will be so many mobs on your island that your human enemies will not be able to cross to your island unless they risk getting shot off their dirt bridges by skeletons, or risk letting a swarm of creepers run into their base. However, I can provide no advice for getting rid of the surviving creepers the next morning.) An ideal activity for the night is cobblestone mining, so set up your base around your cobblestone generator.

From this point on, the game is unpredictable. Some players will focus more on making cakes, others (like me) will make fire charges and TNT to have an assault on other players, others will upgrade their dirt walls to cobblestone, etc. The game is filled with possibilities. However, only one team can win, so make sure not to miss your opportunities to murder your enemies in cold frosting-covered blood.

Losers will respawn in the spawn room, and will have access to spectator mode.

If you want to play the map more than once, you'll have to extract the map from the zip once more, just to fix all the debris that usually exists after a first game.

I really hope you enjoy the map! I sure did!


Map Details

Creator: Franchovy
(55 votes)
Version: 2.3.2
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 1.1 MB
Added: 2016-01-31
Downloads: 2,498
Category: PVP Maps


RedFireDragon51 This seems pretty cool, but if you could change it to 1.9 compatible, then it would be fun to do on a realm

2016-03-18 16:21


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