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Created by ShadowCreeperr

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Welcome to BiomeBattles! Battle your friends in duels across the biomes.

In each duel you battle with all kinds of different armors, abilities, weapons, and more.

Please do consider downloading this map and trying it out with some friends! Make sure you check out the official trailer.

This map was only made with a datapack! 0 command blocks.

When downloading the map make sure you upload it to a realm or server because it is not playable in single-player.

This map only works in 1.16.4, but I might update the map whenever Minecraft major releases come out.

This map has awesome game mechanics, cool concepts, fun gameplay, well designed maps, and so much more!


Map Details

Creator: ShadowCreeperr
(59 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 6 MB
Added: 2020-11-03
Downloads: 785
Category: PVP Maps

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