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The Greenhouse Soul Spawners

Created by Ercerus

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Map Info

The troops of the arch illager are ravaging the world. To make things even worse, his evokers have finally figured out how to make use of empty spawners, which they have long been able to craft. It is your task to travel to an ancient, underground greenhouse complex and to set an end to whatever it is they figured out.


"The Greenhouse Soul Spawners" is an adventure map with a focus set on PVE combat. The map plays during the early events of the Minecraft spin-off title "Minecraft Dungeons". In this singleplayer map you will make your way through a beautifully build semi-underground greenhouse complex filled with deadly monster spawners and furious illagers. The map is roughly 45 min long and features custom models, textures, sounds and music. The map was made for Minecraft version 1.17. The current version is v2.


Extract the world save file from the downloaded .zip file. Just drop the world file into your saves folder and load it up in-game. The resource pack will install itself automatically, once you open up the world.

A comic about the map

Here you can find a small comic with an extended story line I made about the map. Best read after you have played the map.

A small book about the maps development

Inside the world file folder, you can find a .pdf-document called: Making of - The Greenhouse Soul Spawners. This (very) small book contains a bit of background information about the map. Things like where I got ideas from and scrapped content. If you enjoy such things, just open it up and have a look. It's only 8 pages long. None of the information in there is essential to understand the map. I just enjoy making such things. Credits The sources.txt file can be found inside the maps save file inside the resources.zip file.


- All players will now start the map at the correct location.


Map Details

Creator: Ercerus
(42 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.17
Size: 20.5 MB
Added: 2021-07-18
Downloads: 2,631
Category: PvE Maps


0 shadicgamer90 Very fun map I must say.

2021-10-20 20:02

+2 Classic Cookie Hello! I just played this map on my channel, and I thought it was AWESOME! If anyone would like to check it out, here it is:

Have an AMAZING day! :)

2021-10-10 04:41

+1 bolala10 Thats was almost my fav map that was s ofun and intresting good job bro!

2021-10-01 18:00

+4 Pokimaine Really interesting map, short and simple indeed

2021-09-12 11:34

+4 The_Void_Lady This was a great map! Hope you make more! :D

2021-09-11 22:57

+3 mahna Gorgeous map, fun to play, and not too frustratingly difficult for a quick diversion. Keep up the great work.

2021-08-26 18:40

+3 Ererus - Map creator Quoting 3DLEX:
Hey I really enjoyed your map like no joke it was legit. Do you have more maps??? Then please tell me the names ill be glad to play em

This is currently my only map. But there is a lot more content made by me on Planet Minecraft ( URL: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/ercerus/ ). This is the best place to follow me, as it contains everything Minecraft-relat ed I publish.

2021-08-13 16:53

+6 Ererus - Map creator Quoting Bettim:
I spawned in a redstone area where do i go

Please run the following command to get to the starting area: /tp @s 0.5 64.0 -999.5 0 38
I and almost everyone else spawns at the correct location. Are you playing on a server or are you using mods? The map was made for singleplayer and is vanilla only.

2021-08-13 16:21

+9 Bettim I spawned in a redstone area where do i go

2021-07-30 04:32

+4 Xyr really nice map, would definitely recommend

2021-07-20 22:48

+3 DrDovaKing This was a really well put together and excellently fun map! Great job!

2021-07-20 19:16

+3 Thomas Really fun to play, the map is very exquisite, really worth to try out

2021-07-20 11:16

+2 3DLEX Hey I really enjoyed your map like no joke it was legit. Do you have more maps??? Then please tell me the names ill be glad to play em

2021-07-20 05:50

+2 NoHandZz Great Map! Had much Fun and really nice concept

2021-07-19 15:12


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