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Final Judgement

Created by leo7668

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The most accurate Sans battle in Minecraft is here! Let's fight against this most popular skeleton in Minecraft!

This map recreates the last part of Undertale genocide route (from killing Mettaton NEO to genocide ending)

The video shows how it works but I highly recommend you experience it by yourself.

It took me nearly 200 hours to make this map, which is the longest time I spent on a single map.

Something you should know when fighting Sans: (You can skip it if you have played the original game)

  1. Red Soul Mode: Bullets come from anywhere. Control your soul to dodge everything.(Move your character to control the soul)
  2. Blue Soul Mode: Control your soul to jump through obstacles or finish parkours. Do not fail(Press SNEAK KEY to jump. The longer you press, the higher you jump)
  3. Blue Attacks: If you see a blue attack(like blue bone), don't move and it won't hurt you.                           

Just notice this map is not easy, it might take you a while to beat it.

I will reward you with a special ending when you complete the map.


  • Only for singleplayer
  • Turn on the "Force Unicode Font" in language settings and you will have better experiences.
  • Set Render Distance to 10+
  • Do not change the difficulty to "Peaceful"     
  • MUST use the resource pack when playing the map
  • Game Length: 30 minutes ~ forever
  • The size of the map file is pretty big because the resource pack has lots of 3D models

If you find any bugs or you have other suggestions, please tell me right away.


Map Details

Creator: leo7668
(57 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 241 MB
Added: 2021-07-22
Downloads: 1,991
Category: PvE Maps


Dreadmare I love the fight. My main criticism is that the fact that the heart model(the one you control) is slightly bigger than its hitbox. I suggest that its model is changed to fit its hitbox. My secondary criticism is that I notice a lot of command blocks being used in conjuction with datapack. Putting all those commands inside a datapack(using schedule function for delayed commands) woulld greatly improve performance. Other than that though, it's great map. Love it.

2021-10-04 05:09

Bug Hi, I found a bug to skip sans fight that you should add barrier blocks for no one to pass past sans because I could and move on to asgore's encounter and finish, so its just to add barrier blocks on both sides completely because players will pass it thx the fight was really cool anyways.

2021-08-11 20:00

nice thank you for your hardwork

2021-07-26 10:18


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