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The Temple of Puzzles

Created by SuperSlimeySquid

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Map Info

The Temple of Puzzles is a short puzzle map that uses lever and logic puzzle mechanics. With a little hint of mystery and adventure, this is surely the puzzle map you are looking for. Gameplay is a short 9-12 minutes, depending on how good you are at puzzles.

This is definitely one of my shorter maps. The map was changed multiple times, so this is why it is so short. Also, I have been working on multiple maps at once, and this map was requested first.

Backstory before map:
You awake in a jungle forest, with no idea how you got there. After exploring a little, you find that you are trapped in a valley, and the only way out is through a mysterious temple. You decide to proceed through...


  • Play on peaceful.
  • Stay in gamemode 2.
  • Have render distance at 12 chunks or less.
  • Have fun!

Map Details

Creator: SuperSlimeySquid
(59 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 8 MB
Added: 2016-03-03
Downloads: 5,656
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 MaxYT1948 Quoting evilpanda159:
Let me first start off saying that the puzzles were really dumb and difficult to get through. Especially the second pressure plate level. It was nearly impossible and it took me forever.

how did u get past the second pressure plate level?

2016-04-10 18:00

0 Kami128 I was enjoying your puzzle until it turned to parkour. Puzzles are supposed to be for your brains, where parkour is for testing your agility. Too bad so many map makers get that confused. Enjoyed the first part alot, tho. Good job on it.

2016-03-29 09:25

0 Aeioyou Did my first MineCraft recording with this map, check it out if you are feeling up to it =D


2016-03-27 00:32

+1 erermahgerd the levels were way too easy and it didn't take any effort. 8/10

2016-03-19 10:28

0 Phoenix Really good map, it took me about an hour to complete lol so I guess I'm a bit dumb. Anyway here's my play through of it :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ3HwKIQdyo

2016-03-07 19:35

0 Zeph Here is my playthough :D
Lots of fun!

2016-03-06 04:05

0 BYF4BI It's a very nice map!
I mad a German Video of it: https://youtu.be/ijeLMIILx-Q

2016-03-05 19:59

+2 AshleyTheUnicorn Really fun map and Enjoyed it a lot! Check out my gameplay on it if you would like to. :D https://youtu.be/an3JNKR1dVo

2016-03-04 22:01

0 Simph I like the map! But the end with the 4 pressure plates after the slime was a bit unexpected. But still, I liked the short puzzles.

2016-03-04 19:27

-1 rugbyrob died for whatever reason and spawned somewhere totally abandoned: not a succes for me.

2016-03-04 17:13

+3 97Madrd Fun little adventure map, not too hard and loved the thing with the rocks. Only thing is that it was a bit short.

2016-03-04 16:19

+2 molly it was so fun

2016-03-04 15:34

+2 viperboy8 I thought that this was a very good map. Yes it was easy, but not all maps should be impossibly hard. I don't know what evilpanda is talking about because nothing was too difficult in the map and nothing was impossible to complete either. Overall I would give it 10/10. I would like to see what other maps you can come up with superslimeysqui d. Keep up the good work and let me know if you need any help with building any future maps.

2016-03-04 15:00

+1 evilpanda159 Let me first start off saying that the puzzles were really dumb and difficult to get through. Especially the second pressure plate level. It was nearly impossible and it took me forever.

2016-03-04 01:13


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