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The Nexus Quandaries

Created by LucidSigma

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Map Info

The Nexus Quandaries is a map that consists of 32 minimalist-designed maps that center around placing and breaking wool. At the end of each level is a Nexus that is to be destroyed in order for you to advance.

The puzzles go from easy to difficult, and the map should take around 4-6 hours depending on how good you are at problem solving.

The rules are explained in the map.

Report any bugs or incorrect procedures in the comments and I will try to get them fixed as possible.

Videos of this map are encouraged, I look forward to seeing you guys solve the puzzles and destroying the Nexuses



  • Initial release.


  • Fixed typos and misspellings on some signs.
  • Aligned some doors properly.
  • Adjusted level 25 a tiny bit.
  • Added a map icon.


  • Decorated most of the levels a bit.
  • Changes the commands a bit so that you shouldn't have to throw the wool on the ground anymore.
  • Items that fall into the void will now teleport back to you.
  • Added water checkpoints to levels 9 and 14.
  • Added a hint to level 27.
  • Other minor changes to the following levels: 1, 3, 4, 11, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 28 and 32.


  • Removed water checkpoint in level 14 (unintentionally made it much easier).
  • Fixed unintended solutions for levels 11 and 15.


Map Details

Creator: LucidSigma
(194 votes)
Version: 1.5
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 7.9 MB
Added: 2017-04-22
Downloads: 4,576
Category: Puzzle Maps


+3 Skipper75 I got 1871 points. Very fun map, I love it!

2017-05-27 16:40

+2 closeplanet2 Check out the first part of my playthrough

2017-05-15 22:00

0 Vesko22 2596: 16 Blocks o' iron and 13 levers. Lovely map! Keep up the good work. If you make a sequel, I will 150% play it!

2017-05-13 22:56

0 LucidSigma Quoting Potatoes:
Question: in Nexus 19, are you allowed to use the music disc?

You shouldn't have a music disc in level 19, but if you mistyped the level name, then you can't really do anything with it but play it (which does nothing), since you aren't allowed to use it on pressure plates.

2017-05-13 14:46

-1 Potatoes Question: in Nexus 19, are you allowed to use the music disc?

2017-05-12 23:41

+2 James_4007 Cool Map!
I got 1572, 12 iron blocks and only 6 levers.

2017-05-05 22:24

+3 LucidSigma Notice to everyone playing version 1.3:
Level 21 has a bug that makes it unsolvable. This is fixed in v1.4.

2017-05-02 01:10

+2 FrostFlame 2896 points really cool maps would play if there's a sequel or map that have same mechanic, please make more, good job

2017-04-26 08:41

+2 NBMoore87 Awesome map! I would LOVE to see a sequel please! Some levels I was stuck on and were a little too hard, but overall it was one of the best maps I had played.

2017-04-25 21:58

+1 LucidSigma Quoting TheMapReviewer:
Stuck on Level 2. I broke the brown wool with my shears, but the brown wool can't be placed on anything. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Yeah, the red stone clock that changes the wool sometimes isn't fast enough, just throw the wool on the ground and it will eventually fix itself. :)
There should have been a sign in level one that told you this.

2017-04-25 00:33

+1 TheMapReviewer Stuck on Level 2. I broke the brown wool with my shears, but the brown wool can't be placed on anything. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

2017-04-24 18:58

+2 WildJakeSGaming Most likely going to record this map! It will be up at my channel is a few days!

2017-04-23 17:24

+2 TheMapReviewer This looks like an absolutely incredible return to Minecraft for us after a vacation, and I can't wait to test out this creative map.

2017-04-23 10:49

+5 CatCreamYT This map was great! It showed a brand new concept that I have not seen in a long time! I love the long length of map and I am excited to see more soon!
I completed the map in ~2 Hours and got a score of 1847 with 7 iron blocks, and 12 levers. 9.5/10 :D

2017-04-23 00:41

+3 KingAmo Yay! Minimalism ftw! #. . . Uhhh. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . shoot.

2017-04-23 00:39


2017-04-22 20:34


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