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The Lost Puzzler

Created by Vellariya, Bertiecrafter

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You've been crawling these damn dungeons for what seems like forever. Some of these puzzles look so easy but they're not even possible. You've figured out that it seems to be some sort of cube with only one correct path each time. But finding it is proving near impossible... Rooms can go up and down and left and right... You're losing your mind!

It's your job to figure out which puzzles are solvable and which are not. For most puzzles you can figure out if they're fake before you start them, so pay attention. Make your way through the puzzle maze to find the end. There is only one path to the end, so don't go backwards. Only visit rooms directly attached to the last completed puzzle. You can travel to the rooms below and above by standing in the middle of a room and looking up or down.

This puzzle map consists of rooms attached to each other in up to 6 directions. There are 27 puzzles total, but only 8 of them are solvable. Can you figure out which puzzles can be solved before wasting time on others?


  • Play in adventure mode.
  • Do not play in peaceful. Pay attention to this when setting up a server, because you'll have to reset the map if you do load it in peaceful.
  • Play in 1.16.5
  • Do not take items from one room to another.
  • Enable sounds.
  • If you're playing for YouTube, please leave a link in the description :)

Thank you pettyGamingHD and SuperBuildcraft for testing!


Map Details

Creator: Vellariya, Bertiecrafter
(39 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 3.6 MB
Added: 2021-03-16
Downloads: 4,710
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 ethagan Really fun map, but the snake level was impossible to complete because the red blocks didn't generate sadly and I checked and it was the solvable one :/

2021-10-22 15:43

0 Endorite This was such a fun map, and incredibly well done as well. The only suggestion I would have is to put signs or some kind of actual indication at the end of the map that you've finished. I didn't realize to include the spawn room as the first puzzle so I thought I still had to finish a puzzle or something. And I didn't pick up on any of the hints that I had finished. As well as that is that I completed the block slide level and only kept looking when it didn't work because I hadn't had any other bugs so I figured I had chosen the wrong level. But I found it so fun, I never had any issues with glitches, and nothing was too insane to figure out if it was possible or not, it was a perfect balance of varying mental challenges, and I found the concept fascinating that you have to figure out which puzzles can be completed! Will 100% be recommending this to any of my friends who are looking for mc maps! 5 stars, incredible work! :)

2021-06-20 07:03

0 Sve Awesome map and it's multiplayer compatible. Offers a very unique version of traditional puzzle maps. Looking forward to The Lost Puzzler 2!

2021-06-12 16:12

0 haranes on soundclou easily the best map i've ever played

2021-05-28 01:56

0 addie This map was way too hard. I could hardly complete one level. Also, in one of the rooms, when you hit the reset button you lose your hint book which made the rest of the game impossible.

Or maybe I'm just too dumb for this, idk.

2021-03-22 04:11

+4 Lu Great map! But one of the impossible level (The one that you can push block on ice) is actually possible. Maybe you can correct it

2021-03-21 07:39

+2 Hotdogbananaman 10/10, would recommend

2021-03-20 04:01

+5 Something Where is the button?

2021-03-19 17:10

+3 Luc Damn the button is so hard to find

2021-03-19 14:44

+5 gccalvin Just finished it with a friend. Highly recommend, it was a pretty neat concept, and well made. Look forward to The Lost Puzzler 2!

2021-03-19 04:37

+3 Koku Amazing! Surely one of best maps I've ever saw, such a creative idea just took the puzzle concept to another level

2021-03-19 04:32

+4 natnat729 dude this was epic. sometimes i speant too long on certain fake puzzels because it was hard to tell it was fake until right before you completed it. the only one that took more than 15 mins was parkour because i suck. 9/10 map tho.

2021-03-18 22:02

0 Liontack Fun puzzles and very fun concept to figure out which puzzle you need to solve!

I just got stuck in a lab and my hint book disappeared somewhere on the way, so I couldn't beat the map XD

2021-03-18 14:20

0 Paxor55 The map was amazing and i had a lot of fun completeng it. The one problem i had was i took all 7 hint books then when i wanted to use to be sure that the spot the difference was completable it wasn't in my invenory because it got deleted.

2021-03-18 13:41


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