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THE Easter Egg Hunt!

Created by DerpyguyMinecraft

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Welcome to THE Easter Egg Hunt! This map has 8 main levels, plus one bonus level! Here is a complete set:

  • Desert
  • Ice
  • Mineshaft
  • Stronghold
  • Nether
  • End
  • Jungle
  • Ocean

Bonus: Dessert Land!

Each level progresses in difficulty, so you won't get bored! Oh! Don't forget to do the bonus last, as it has some "ending-ish" stuff, and if that's not a word, it should be.

Anyways, still not convinced? Check out the Map Trailer!

Thank you to enderguy mc for testing this map, and for everyone who plays it.

Level Solutions (SPOILERS)

Ok, so you downloaded it, but now you are stuck on a level. Not to worry here is the full list of solutions!

1. Go around the perimeter of the level until you come to a barrier. Jump on it and do some cactus parkour to the end

2. Go to a corner with packed ice and get the key from the chest. Then, use the key to open the chest on the "waterfall" without the pressure plate. Get the "Ice-Breaker" and break the top ice block near the end to into the waterfall and end the level.

3. Go straight until you must turn. Turn and then go straight again. You should now be at a backwards "C" in the rails. Go into the passage with 5 blocks and a chest. Turn left at the 4th rail. Push the cart down the hole and go back to the beginning, where you'll find the pressure plate!

4. Walk straight and take a right. Press the pressure plate then turn around and turn right. At the second left, turn. Press the pressure plate, then turn right. Turn right again, and now you should be at the door. Walk straight and go through the door-way. Get the pressure plate the turn around and take a left. Keep going straight around some curves and then turn right. Go to the last end rod, get the pressure plate, and turn around. Head out and take a right, and then another right to the pressure plate!

5. LEVEL 5 EASTER EGG: Right when you spawn, take a right and open the chest that is in the lava. LEVEL 5: Fall through the lava in the 2 open holes that need blocks to complete the bridge. You will fall down to the pressure plate!

6. Press the dragon's left eye. Search the perimeter for the pressure plate!

7. LEVEL 7 EASTER EGG: GO to the pond and walk the perimeter. You should find a hole with a chest holding the 2nd easter egg! LEVEL 7:Climb up the trees to the pressure plate. You should only use the vines 1 time near the end.

8. This one is all about luck and timing! It is possible to make it through and to the hole, however you will most likely only have .5-1 heart left.

9. THE BONUS! Go to the chest on the ice cream, and get the "Cherry-Breaker." Break the cherry on the other sundae and click the button. Then go to where the candy canes meet, and step on the pressure plate!


Map Details

Creator: DerpyguyMinecraft
(30 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 4.16 MB
Added: 2016-03-29
Downloads: 4,179
Category: Puzzle Maps


Pokemaster4508 some people try to play with me and kicked me out of this map when i was playing

2017-04-16 20:25

Fortune Ventures Hey, we enjoyed your map (there were some nice mechanics!) And we enjoyed the brownie! :D Thank you for making this map! If you are curious, we made a video: https://youtu.be/Kj48UPojyyc

2017-04-15 10:42

MommyRulz My son and I had fun playing this though a restart would be helpful because we messed up in the jungle level and couldn't continue :(

2017-03-26 18:49

Myst Xtreme I did enjoy this map, and did a Let's Play video of it!


2016-04-04 10:54

nekosan Maps is cool but have a big problem.

-> It lack of restart button on each levels.

2016-04-03 16:24


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