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Purpura and Flavo

Created by WhiteHarlequin

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Purpura and Flavo (the name derives from latin: it means "Purple and Yellow") is a 2-players Co-op Custom Map, in which you will have to complete 10 levels to become a reliable gladiator.

The challenges these levels offer are very different one another: parkour, redstone, trivia, puzzle, maze, building, PvE, there's everything!

There are many references to the world of the Ancient Romans (like the title) which you'll have to discover.

I hope you'll have a good time playing this map with your partner!

Minecraft version: 1.15.2
Playtime: 1-2 hours

Creator: WhiteHarlequin
Testers: LittleEvie_ & Nicreo389


Map Details

Creator: WhiteHarlequin
(173 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 4.6 MB
Added: 2021-02-21
Downloads: 17,843
Category: Puzzle Maps

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Ady212 A pretty hard map, a bit bugged and honestly boring. But very cool concepts!!

2021-12-26 23:32

CringyBruh This map is cool and well put together! Besides minor things like grammar and spelling issues and the boss fight item generation failing, the only issue with the map is the anti-climactic boss fight (which appears to be a mistake, as there are several unused bosses in the final stage that would have made it a lot more interesting).

The puzzles are all very fun and work perfectly! Would definitely recommend!

2021-11-12 00:50

LonelyMarker Cool map. only 1 boss spawned and the puzzle with the 6 brothers was broken. but was good fun nonetheless.

2021-10-15 14:26

Nakunai My friend and I had a TON of fun playing this map, even though it took us nearly four hours to complete because we are pretty dumb. A good 45 minutes of that time was spent on the parkour alone because neither of us are good at it and the invisible blacks kept messing it up.
Like Endorite said though, only one of the boss fights spawned in (Morpheus) which was a bit of a disappointment since we were expecting something much more, but it was so much fun regardless.

I even have recorded footage of nearly 20-30 minutes of my friend just geeking out as he checked out all of your command blocks and what each one does (We are command block dumb). He was very happy to see that you labeled each command block to tell what it did. According to him, that's the first time he has ever seen that done and he very much appreciated it, as it helped him to understand it a little better.

I do have a question though... Along the side after the Puppet Maze and beside the first questions of the quiz, there is a room sealed off to the side and not connected to anything with Netherrack and lava in it. What was that for?

2021-09-24 06:20

Dema The map was pretty well made, but the building part, where you have to build identically as your teammate was really glitchy, the 2nd one with the podzol we did it block perfect, but the game didn't count it.

2021-07-23 15:37

FasterJ We enjoyed it, I am looking foreward to another one ;)

2021-07-20 14:47

Sid Really nice map!

2021-07-11 19:14

Endorite I played this with a friend and it was REALLY fun. There were some issues with certain parts, one of the hint commands didn't work so I went in creative mode to read the hint out for my friend, and only one of the boss fights spawned in. We went back afterwards and manually spawned in the other bosses just for fun. Other than that though it was amazing! (the issues might have been on our side as well I'm not sure) 10/10 would absolutely recommend

2021-05-24 19:35

vGustafoFring This was amazing. my only complaint would be the boss fight being very anti climactic

2021-05-15 20:59

Player Insanely good map, required no troubleshooting to play immediately, and was very very enjoyable for my friend and me. A wide range of puzzles, and all were interactive and required cooperation. I would recommend this map to everyone looking to play a fun puzzle map with a friend.

2021-05-12 22:17

SomeoneForgettable I always spawn at the top of the map, i can't play like that

2021-05-12 05:17


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