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Created by CatCreamYT

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Welcome to Kidnapped.

The goal is simple. Get out of the place. But it may not be as easy as it sounds. You must us the environment around you to break out of the prison. Will you escape?


  • Play in 1.11.2. This map uses new features of 1.11 in the map
  • Stay in adventure mode


  • This is NOT an easy map. So be patient.
  • When resetting a level, place your answer key and hint book in a chest to prevent it from getting lost. If you do lose it, there is a PasteBin link here for you to look at if stuck.
  • There is a hint and answer key in this link in case u lose your books in-game
  • This is a SINGLEPLAYER map. The map may bug if more than one player is present.
  • This is version 1.0. If you find any bugs, please tell me.
  • If you are recording this for a video, please give credit to me and leave a link to this page. If you wish, leave a link of your video in the comments for me to watch.


Map Details

Creator: CatCreamYT
(109 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 1.2 MB
Added: 2017-02-18
Downloads: 7,178
Category: Puzzle Maps


+7 Krazy One of the best maps I have played

2017-06-01 15:52

+1 CatCreamYT Quoting Scaredy-Cat:
Are there any jumpscares in this?

No there's not. I would've put it in the horror section :D

2017-05-22 01:40

+2 Scaredy-Cat Are there any jumpscares in this?

2017-05-04 09:09

+2 CatCreamYT Quoting Smurfii:
Great map! I really enjoyed the challenge, first I tried to solve everything without any hints but I had to check that book anyway.
I had to restart the whole map since when you reset the cell the sand doesn't come back (since I started of with making a shovel and then restarting.)
But other than that awesome map!

Again sorry for all the bugs. I'm not the best mapmaker in the world. Thanks anyways for playing!

2017-04-05 04:13

+2 Smurfii Great map! I really enjoyed the challenge, first I tried to solve everything without any hints but I had to check that book anyway.
I had to restart the whole map since when you reset the cell the sand doesn't come back (since I started of with making a shovel and then restarting.)
But other than that awesome map!

2017-03-29 00:49

+3 Namlook Everything worked for me and I really appreciated this map. The fact that you have the possibility to be not stuck thanks to the books is really good. Thank you for this awesome map!

2017-02-26 13:29

+10 CatCreamYT Guys. I just want to say that I apologize for the inconvenience of v1.2. I am sorry that I used the wrong world to use for a download. Please don't get too mad as everyone makes mistakes. There is a new fixed version of v1.3 that should be the world all cleaned up. Thank you for understanding.

2017-02-21 05:21

+2 HamsterGuyMC I start in creative mode, and the room i start in has an open door, and i dont think im supposed to have all of the items in my inventory that i do, is this a bug, or are we supposed to be in creative mode and everything i just said

2017-02-20 15:43

+3 DoggyBarks You need some way to give players more coal if they loose it all to a reset, otherwise one of the puzzles is impossible. I've been stuck on it for ages. The hint book doesn't tell me what to use to cook in the furnace so I assume I needed the coal.

2017-02-20 08:27

0 Matt10y When I downloaded the map, I was in Creative mode.

2017-02-20 06:31

+1 Pawpad The download gave me the map mostly completed and unable to restart, it also spawns me in creative mode

2017-02-19 23:11

+1 Whattouseforthissite I downloaded the map, and I had all the items, and all the doors were unlocked. How.

2017-02-19 22:20

0 iO_MusSsaeD when i start there is stuff in my invintory ! i don't know is that from the map or what ?

2017-02-19 21:33

0 bobthebob why did i spawn with a bunch of stuf and in creative

2017-02-19 21:30

+1 serranopancake Could have been a decent map if it weren't for all the bugs. First, I spawned in the cell with an inventory full of everything I need to complete the map in creative mode. All the doors already had levers and were open. none of the rooms were prepared to be played. Had to put buttons on all the reset blocks and reset each room to get the items needed. Even after resetting all the rooms, finding the correct starting location and putting myself in adventure mode, i was still not able to complete the map because none of the keys were in the shulker boxes. Also, in 1.10 (maybe even 1.9) and above, there is no need for hopper clocks on command blocks. Just put them in repeat mode. Finally, there is a spelling error in the reset commands for the house area. The command block that puts the 4th iron ore back has a "D" at the end, making it error out and the player not able to obtain enough iron to complete the map.

The story could have been good but lacked any depth. No indication of what happened or why, just leave the room and "oh, no, Im in a cell." No indication as to who did it or why and no resolution other than escape.

Next time, maybe get some people to play test before publishing it for the public.

2017-02-19 21:15

0 Medurza I can't play... It's only load on Creative mode :(

2017-02-19 21:01

-1 serranopancake I spawned in creative mode with a bunch of tools and stuff in my inventory in the first jail room instead of the starting room. Not sure how it is supposed to start but the are no clear directions on what to even do...

2017-02-19 19:26

+1 Animashun When I downloaded and entered the map, everything was already open, like the room you spawn in, EVERYTHING. What do I do?

2017-02-19 19:13

+1 SandWolfy OMG,It was so cool,even though hard,i wanna say that I used the answer book a lot,but not all the way,AAAND I found the easter egg,please,plea se,make a part 2

2017-02-19 18:18

+1 Roukicool Got lost...

the map does not give us enough

2017-02-19 18:14

0 CatCreamYT In case you are really struggling, here is a walkthrough I have made for the people who are visual learners.

2017-02-19 17:32

+1 Querbox Please make a Multiplayer Version :)

2017-02-19 17:13

-2 Scrooloose I can only get the one piece of Ore. so I cant make the Iron sword.

2017-02-19 16:12


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