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Infinite Road III

Created by Unity Paradox

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Map Info:
This map includes the 16 puzzles from the first two Infinite Road maps as well as adding (yet another) 8 puzzles into the mix.

Not only that, but while some puzzles are also trivia-styled, there are also some really interesting ones thrown in there. ;)

Check out my YouTube! :D

Map Details

Creator: Unity Paradox
(13 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 24 MB
Added: 2015-07-11
Downloads: 13,199
Category: Puzzle Maps


-1 Xalaputan The map was pretty awesome, but there was a MAJOR flaw: the guitar hero section was actually supposed to work in 1.8.7. So you basically lied to us that this could work in 1.8.

2018-02-24 18:55

+3 ToiletRollMan I'm completely stuckk on the flowers one I can't make it work please help? Is there any walkthroughs like the last two Infinity Roads??

2015-07-26 20:40

+2 Ninja What are the coordinates for the starting point? I spawned in the middle of nowhere

2015-07-19 21:42

+2 Anon Man, your maps are getting better and better! I look forward to your future maps :)

2015-07-14 17:00

+2 pelaria dragonrider i think the chest is the crafting table

2015-07-13 23:43

+2 ThatWeirdGuyDave Very cool map as always! Keep up the good work!

2015-07-13 18:01

0 Dardonax I am loving these maps. Especially loved the flowers and the guitar hero. Though, I wasn't able to complete the guitar hero.

2015-07-13 13:04

0 EpicElite3 Really interesting map! Splendid as always. Here's my let's play of this map: https://youtu.be/4aK1KVD04qE

Keep making more!

2015-07-11 18:51

0 Unity Paradox @DragonRider713
There's exactly enough room to fit the recipes in the chest. ;)

2015-07-11 04:38

+4 DragonRider731 I love these maps, but im stuck on the second one, how do we make the items? there isnt a crafting table. PLEASE HELP!

2015-07-11 04:33


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