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Disarm The Bomb

Created by Freelsify

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Map Info:
In this puzzle map you go through 10 rooms of "Explosive" fun. Do you get it I said explosive and it is about disarming bombs... Anyway Each bomb requires a special way to be diffused, and there is a timer on each bomb so be quick! Can you diffuse all 10 without dying a single time?

This map is made for single player, sorry all you multiplayer people out there :(.

This is for 1.8 and above.

It comes with 2 custom 3D block models that I created.

How To Play:
Each room comes with a bomb where you have to figure out the unique way to diffuse it before the timer hits zero.

I made the first room very easy so you can get a feel for the map, instead of just dropping you in a complicated puzzle map not knowing anything.


Map Details

Creator: Freelsify
(153 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 4 MB
Added: 2015-11-12
Downloads: 66,898
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 Hel9929 im stuck in puzzle 2 HEELLPPP MEEE (think no one will respond lmao)

2021-09-24 12:29

+3 Commander_Appo10 It will not set spawnpoint and I restarted at level one. This map is broken.

2018-08-05 00:21

+6 skullhunt369 its not doing spawnpoints for me!!

2018-03-30 08:20

+21 Spawnpoints It's not setting spawnpoints for me.

2017-05-14 17:14

+22 whamer100 wow, level 10 is hard. I think I got everything, but when I put the items on the pressure plates, nothing happens! I have no idea what I'm doing wrong XD

2016-11-11 05:48

+23 JosiTDM hard but fun i finished the game so fun and so hard

2016-01-10 02:41

+11 ShockedStudent Got to say I loved this map! Gave me a good challenge and took a lot of effort!

2015-12-06 07:06

+16 McmGamer How do get pass level 3?

2015-12-05 16:57

+9 The commander Quoting EquinoxFTW:
I can't really get past the 2nd room, help please?
(I will report when I figured it out.)

Different wool has different id's
OH WAIT, did I say that out loud

2015-12-04 02:43

+8 Froggyss2 Quoting Freelsify:
The second room needs the id for the wools :)

How would i know what the ids are???

2015-12-04 02:01

-2 Random Player Quoting huang jun wei:
you set spawnpoint with /spawnpoint @p ~ ~ ~
not /spawnpoint @p
i think that is why the map always break after you die?

It works for me! And plus, isn't that the exact same thing? I don't think /spawnpoint @p will work because the computer then doesn't have any coordinates.

2015-11-29 04:58

+1 jpwithane for puzzle 2 look in your inventory and over the wool blocks

2015-11-29 02:37

+8 Jeff dying in room two respawns you to room one. what's the fix?

2015-11-24 03:09

+6 Dahbestcod Quoting ThePuzzler13:
I'm stuck on Puzzle 2. Can you give me a hint on how to do it?

Hmm.... If there was a way for the ID to help us there..

2015-11-22 20:08

+9 TheAverageJo Nice map! It was simple, fun, and still was a challenge. :)

2015-11-21 04:18

+6 Eugene Hello. I recorded my gameplay. Thanks for the map :3

2015-11-16 20:43

+3 huang jun wei you set spawnpoint with /spawnpoint @p ~ ~ ~
not /spawnpoint @p
i think that is why the map always break after you die?

2015-11-16 13:15

+10 FreeMotion Had so much fun playing it !

I recorded my gameplay .

2015-11-15 18:59

+6 Cheerios32 Try smashing the door on Creative...

I'm playing this map for YT aswell

2015-11-14 18:26

+6 Kiwi_the_real IM stuck at room 4 its too little time:(

2015-11-14 18:00

+8 Freelsify To get the other map when you click the button click the text in the chat and it will open a link. Thanks for the comments :)

2015-11-13 00:37

+9 MazzyMoo I loved this map!
It was the a nice challenge and got me thinking. I wanted to ask something though. At the end of the map it says you have a harder map called Crafting something. Do you have a link for it? I would love to play it.

P.s I did a playthrough of this map which we be up Nov 14th if anyone is interested.

2015-11-12 20:27

+5 Scarlet I can't get past level 2, HELP

2015-11-12 20:12

+3 Freelsify The second room needs the id for the wools :)

2015-11-12 19:47

+6 James96 I played through the map and really enjoyed it! No chance of avoiding death on a few of them and the time restriction is brutal but adds to the fun! Here's the first part of my playthrough! Let me know what you think :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opLAADqYAWI

2015-11-12 18:12

+4 RuthSiv Dude, I love this map. I'm stuck, but I still love it. Keep up the good work!! :-)

Btw, I plan to record this. So if you have Twitter or something, just tell me and I'll tell my subscribers to follow you

My Twitter: @ruthsiv

2015-11-12 15:57

+5 EquinoxFTW I can't really get past the 2nd room, help please?
(I will report when I figured it out.)

2015-11-12 15:44

+5 minecraft099 i failed and it send me back to the first puzzle and the door wont open for me again...

2015-11-12 13:53

+5 ThePuzzler13 I'm stuck on Puzzle 2. Can you give me a hint on how to do it?

2015-11-12 13:21


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