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Bad Escape

Created by Dodebro

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Map Info

This is an escape room map, featuring three distinct sections.

An easy room, a slightly harder room, and a near impossible gauntlet of challenges that, after rigorous testing, I can assure you *IS* possible.

Defeat my nefarious security system, and finally put an end to your imprisonment!


Map Details

Creator: Dodebro
(31 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 12.8 MB
Added: 2019-07-26
Downloads: 3,003
Category: Puzzle Maps


+6 trollhunter4321 help I am stuck on the first level

2019-08-03 09:23

+1 Krayella So we've tried this and we are already stuck on number one heh.

2019-07-28 02:51

0 TheFoxOverlord Really good map, especially for your first ever! I loved the puzzles, and how simple, yet complex everything was. My only issue was with the button grid puzzle, as one of the clues was incorrect, making it impossible. I spent about 2 hours in a spreadsheet eliminating buttons, only to have been doing it wrong the whole time. Button #2 is 15 rows below button #4, although the book said 16 rows. Other than that, the map was great! My final score was 35 deaths (mostly on parkour)

2019-07-27 21:47

0 Pesty Menace I really enjoyed your map and I made a video on it, check it out if ya want!

2019-07-27 21:34

+1 XxDragon0710xX This is hard, gave up on first level lol :P

2019-07-27 06:44

0 CatCreamYT Incredibly difficult but 100% possible. 10/10 would cause me pain again

2019-07-26 23:56


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