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Created by hpgeek339

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Ascend is a unique experience that is challenging, rewarding, and can even teach you a thing or two about how to get up high in Minecraft (although, to be honest, it isn't normally hard to build up in Minecraft, so I don't know how useful that knowledge will be...).

Thanks for considering playing my map - I hope you enjoy it. Below is a copy of the included read me, to give you a full sense of what the map entails.

- hpgeek339

Read Me:

Hi! Thanks for playing my map! Here are a few rules/guidelines/et cetera:

1. The goal of each level is to Ascend to the door.

2. The map should take care of all the necessary settings for you. However:

  • Play in survival
  • Play on easy
  • Mob spawning should be off.
  • Make sure command blocks are enabled if you are playing on a server

3. You can only break the blocks you place yourself.

-You can interact in any other way with pre-placed blocks. For example, you can move them with pistons, blow them up with TNT, etc. Note that firespread is off, so you cannot burn things.

4. If you get stuck on a level (which is very possible), there is a button on the left wall where you entered the room. You can use this to get hints or reset the level. You will never need to break this button.

5. Do not attempt to circumvent the pressure plates at the end of each level. You will never need to bring items between levels.

6. Single player only. Having multiple players gives you an advantage, and certain parts of the map will not function correctly.

Overall, just use your common sense. Remember, the point of the map is to challenge you. Cheating does nothing but ruin the experience for yourself.

At the end of the map, you will be given a score. The score is calculated like this:

  • You start with 200 points.
  • You lose 1 point every minute.
  • YYou lose 2 points when you die.
  • ou lose 2 points when you ask for a hint.
  • You lose 5 points when you reset (2 for the death, 3 more for the actual reset)

It is common for players not to receive a positive score their first time through the map. Don't be suprised if you do.

My legal team requested that I mention this: There is a brief moment at the very end of the map that is similar to flashing lights. If you are prone to seizures induced by visual stimuli, look away from the screen once you press the button to complete the map. (spoiler alert: my legal team is just me. I just figure its better to be cautious)

I welcome any and all feedback!


v. 1.0:
-Initial Release!
v. 1.1:
-Updated level 14 to increase the height needed to ascend by 1 block after discovering a way it is possible to do so.
-Updated command block that targeted hpgeek339 instead of @a giving jump boost effect (designed to prevent jumping)
v. 1.2:
-Added check for breaking ice block to prevent cheating on level 9
-Added some missing pistons
-Updated level 10 to ensure players can't jump after a reset
-Updated level 14 to make the parkour a bit easier
-Updated both levels that require you not to place planks/slabs to reset the level (rather than just kill the player) if they attempt to place those blocks.
v. 1.3:
-Added another curtain of lava to level 15
-Removed a cobweb (obnoxious spiders -_-)
-Updated level 14 to test for if a player breaks the pre-placed slime blocks
-Added doors to level 9/10 to add clarity to goal
v. 1.4:
-Added reminders about breaking chests and crafting tables.
-Made the parkour easier in level 5.
-Updated hint in level 9.
-Changed oak planks to birch planks in level 9.
v. 1.5:
-Updated to work in 1.13.2
-Changed overall aesthetic
-Changed level 1 to not require parkour
-Changed level 5 to not require parkour
-Removed an iron ingot from level 5, as it enabled an unintended solution
-Removed cobwebs from level 5, stored them in the level chest. (spiders OP)
-Changed level 6 to not require parkour
-Added commands to remove RNG factor in level 8
-Added refreshments to level 8.
-Removed Iron Ore from level 9
-Moved ice closer to ledge inĀ  level 9
-Completely red-designed levels 14 and 15.
-Modified route to ?????
-Modified ending
-Modified 'reset' background process
-Added command to set randomTickSpeed
-Added checks for breaking chests, crafting tables, walls, and pre-placed slabs


Map Details

Creator: hpgeek339
(67 votes)
Version: 1.5
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 1 MB
Added: 2016-03-13
Downloads: 4,380
Category: Puzzle Maps


-1 CatCreamYT uh.. yeah level two is bad. You said that i couldn't break any blocks but cobwebs or any I place. ;-; Same for the others.

2016-03-24 04:24

+1 hpgeek339 Thanks for the feedback!

I could have prevented the player from breaking quartz (now that 1.9 is out, that would be very simple). However, it is against the rules, and I believe that most players will choose not to break the quartz, as it is obviously not the intended solution.

Sakura, there is a walkthrough below if you are intereseted, and did you know there were hints? They may have helped :D

Thomas, i'll look into that. Thanks!

2016-03-21 13:56

0 thomas in level 9 stairs are able to be used to get to the top instead of melting the ice.

2016-03-16 23:19

0 Sakura This caused me to rage quit xD

2016-03-16 11:03

-2 gon The quartz blocks are breakable! You can use them to climb up!

2016-03-16 00:04


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