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Unique Parkour 2

Created by Gamerichie

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Map Info

This is Unique Parkour 2, an awesome unique parkour map featuring ten very unique types of parkour!

By the way, if you missed the first map you can find it here.

Since this is the sequel, the second map means double the awesomeness, which is why there are ten, not five types of parkour.

Parkour Types

  • Vertical-c jumps
  • Table parkour
  • Dark parkour
  • Lava timing parkour
  • Falling boats parkour
  • Mobbed parkour
  • Pumpkin head parkour
  • Run-quads (the most fun quads ever invented)
  • Lava parkour (definitely not what you're thinking)

Map Creator Info


Gameryan also helped in the creation of this map.

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Map Details

Creator: Gamerichie
(84 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 405 KB
Added: 2016-08-03
Downloads: 4,912
Category: Parkour Maps


0 sfg i couldn't see the boat in the falling boats parkour, but somehow i keep seeing pigs spawning and dying.

2016-08-23 18:25

0 robot275 A cool map, like the first one, even if I had literally ragequit the lava level :(

2016-08-16 20:26

0 Derek Hello, I just played you're first map and it was awesome... I am so excited for the second on (this one)

2016-08-07 18:37


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