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TNT Jump Parkour 2!

Created by VENOM8

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Experience the most unique way of performing a parkour. With 4 levels and each level is at a different dimension and has its own challenges to overcome. Level-1 is in overworld, Level-2 is in the nether, Level-3 is in the End and the final level is the most interesting one, this level is a mixture of all 3 Levels. You will be given TNT, a water bucket and pressure plates. There is a tutorial on Level-1 which teaches you how to perform a TNT jump. You will then have to make progress purely by your skills. Jump through different platforms. The higher you get, the more difficult it gets. Each level has its own respawn point so that you won't lose your progress. If you manage to complete level-4, you will be given access to a special lobby where you can join any level you want and apply any potion effects you like. This is a sequel of the original TNT JUMP PARKOUR map.


  • Spawn point and check point at each level.
  • Each level is connected to each other so you don't have to break your flow.
  • You will be given mining fatigue so you won't accidentally break something.
  • You will be given regeneration effect so you won't take damage from TNT.
  • Clear cut instruction on how to TNT jump is given at level-1 so you don't have to follow a tutorial.


  • I would not recommend you to use creative mode.
  • Breaking anything inside the map can result in some malfunction of the map so you have to redownload the map.


If you are having some problems regarding the map or you are not able to make progress in the map, Please follow the discord link provided inside the game or go to our discord page- Discord.


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If you want to support us, follow our social media. Links are provided inside the game.



Map Details

Creator: VENOM8
(77 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 22.7 MB
Added: 2021-05-01
Downloads: 8,156
Category: Parkour Maps

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0 venom8 Quoting CSGG:
idk were to go in nether

the discord link didn't seem to work so-

2021-05-03 16:23

0 venom8 Quoting CSGG:
idk were to go in nether

can you please personally message me on discord and tell me in which stage of nether you are having problem.

2021-05-03 03:53

+1 THCDPRO i tried the first one i dont know why but it dosent work

2021-05-02 23:56

+4 CSGG idk were to go in nether

2021-05-02 12:22

0 Ninipanin Honestly, I don't like it. Jumps are too easy and level design is bad. Try again

2021-05-01 17:32

+5 MCL Amazing map and great level design!

2021-05-01 16:45


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