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The Master of Parkour

Created by ZsDav

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Map Info

Welcome on my second map! The first one is: Parkour Mountain. If you like the first one you will like this one too but it has an other type/mood.

Your airplaine has crashed in a canyon and you don't know what you have to do first. So, you start off to discover everything. It becomes clear to you that an evil Parkour Master reigns the whole area, so you can count on your own skills and the objects that you will gain through your adventures. If you are good enough and sustained you can liberate the resident of the Big Tree and you can go home finally.

The map was built in 1.16.5 and the maximum player number is three.

Good game to everyone! ;)


Map Details

Creator: ZsDav
(249 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 22.5 MB
Added: 2021-02-21
Downloads: 6,542
Category: Parkour Maps

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