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The Infamous Parkour Maze

Created by vitusaa

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Many have struggled and endured the pains of parkour. Many have found their ways through the seemingly endless passages that make up a maze. But now, the two have combined to make a map specialized in taking the brain to its breaking point (metaphorically of course ;)

The Infamous Parkour Maze is now in 1.13! Recently updated with more command blocks, changes in water sections to work with the swimming updates, more checkpoints (player requested), and a WIP lobby area. The map will be consistently updated and expanded so check back for newer and more difficult versions.

Game Requirements

  • Minecraft Version 1.13
  • Adventure Mode
  • Command Blocks - Enabled
  • Peaceful Difficulty
  • Render Distance ≥ 8

A special thanks to all those who try this map out, please send me feedback and ideas for expansions. Keep an eye out for my other parkour, adventure, and maze maps in the future!

Your Map Host,

• vitusaa •


Map Details

Creator: vitusaa
(61 votes)
Version: 2
MC Version: 1.13
Size: 2.17 MB
Added: 2018-08-04
Downloads: 3,237
Category: Parkour Maps


+1 Clayton The exit is poorly telegraphed (it just looks like any other dead end) and there's a checkpoint that, when you reach it, becomes impossible to get back from. And you NEED to get back, because that checkpoint is in the wrong direction from the exit.

And even if these things were fixed, it's too short in my opinion. Fix those and lengthen it, I had a legitimately fun time up until I realized how broken the map was.

2018-08-13 16:23

+1 Michael Very soon after turning right there is an area where I fell and am unable to get back up it is past the door to the right of the start. The area with two block in closed off area. There is no way to get back up or kill myself.

2018-08-06 03:01

+1 Cluba132 Hey... so me and my 3 friends played this. Is there seriously no end to this map?

2018-08-05 16:38


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