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Created by ElementalEMG

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This map is an endless run map that is sure to be a challenge and will most likely end in your death before you can even get halfway through. This run includes Kits, trolls, traps, Re-made designs from the actual game, new designs, power-ups, Easter egg: Signs on the graves and more!

This map is 1.13.1 and is better played in multiplayer for the best experience all through the teleporters teleport the nearest player. : )

You can also spectate by going to my head section and add a death counter by going to the death counter block. You will also find that the power-ups appear near difficult levels and will help but also has a risk to get you hurt so remember to check your surroundings before using the power-ups.

At spawn are most of the danger blocks. (The good blocks have a sign saying so)

Have Fun!


You were in your home but realized you lead a boring life and wanted some action so you decided to do an expedition in areas across the globe but you made a slight miscalculation and almost everywhere you went were tricks and traps. You also realized that every house you arrived at for help was empty and looked exactly the same. You are trying to escape this madness but it is endless...

How far can you go before you reach the inevitable defeat of death?


Map Details

Creator: ElementalEMG
(97 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.1
Size: 1.07 MB
Added: 2018-09-12
Downloads: 5,731
Category: Parkour Maps

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+1 Computernaut The map keeps randomly killing me! I try to walk somewhere and it teleports me under the map. Why does it do this, how can I play if I keep dying for no reason?

2018-09-29 21:07

+2 Dragonslayer123 is it for singleplayer?

2018-09-17 17:11

+1 RS_Mind Skeptical; if it's an infinite runner, how can you ever make it halfway through?

2018-09-16 18:00

+1 ElementalEMG Quoting GlitchyGuy:
Can I play singleplayer?

Yes, but it would be kind of boring.

2018-09-16 12:35

+3 GlitchyGuy Can I play singleplayer?

2018-09-15 16:48

+1 Hazem That was a nice map keep on doing it

2018-09-13 19:42


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