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Stay High

Created by Blockhead7360

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Click above to watch an awesome trailer/showcase I created for this map! It is my first trailer ever, but I hope you like it! If you enjoyed it, please leave a like on the video and download the map! Subscribe to get notified of more maps!

Map Info:
Hello! Check this out! This is a 10 level parkour map that features the following:

  • 10 levels that must each be unlocked!
  • Time Keeper! It tells you how long it has taken you on the scoreboard!
  • Death Count! Press TAB to see your death count!
  • Re-Play! You can play levels again by clicking on the level's button at the lobby! It tells you your previous time, and then resets it so you can try and beat your old record!
  • A ton of different types of Parkour!
    • BASIC
    • LADDER
    • PISTON
    • DEATH BLOCK (Don't stand on the Black Stained Clay!)
    • TRIVIA (even though it isn't even parkour)
    • MORE!
  • Carrot On A Stick Death Method! You can right click on the Carrot on a Stick to kill yourself instead of having to wait to fall into the void

This map has MULTIPLAYER SUPPORT! You can play this map with some friends! NOTE: If you are playing multiplayer, DO NOT start a new level while other players are in the middle of a different one! If you do, it will stop their timer (for their level) and teleport them to the level you selected!

If you would like pictures on the map, please watch the Trailer above!

Hope you like the map! Please leave a comment below, and like and subscribe to my YouTube channel! You can also follow me on Twitter.

Map Details

Creator: Blockhead7360
(159 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 1.05 MB
Added: 2016-02-03
Downloads: 11,225
Category: Parkour Maps


0 ShinyPotato Hi, there's a spanish youtuber called Exo. He likes parkour very much, and he's making some videos of your map. Here's the video:
He has 600.000 subscribers, and he liked your map.

2016-02-20 04:25

0 Blockhead7360 Quoting SKWeekly:
Even if the youtuber is not popular?

Well actually what I am doing is I am going to put some of the people who make played my map on my next map. I only have 3 heads (PrestonPlayz, Lachlan, and Logdotzip) on the next map, but there is a clickable sign showing more people's names and a link to their videos. I'm sorry if I cannot find everyone's videos and put them on my next map, but I'll try ;)

2016-02-06 19:41

0 Pixal Ninja Great map! I've started a let's play series of it and have uploaded the first video:

Can't wait to try out The Sea Lab map!

2016-02-06 15:04

0 SKWeekly Quoting Blockhead7360:
If you guys make a video of this map, please post it here! I will place the Minecraft heads of all people who make a video of this in my next map, The Sea Lab! (Adventure Map)

Even if the youtuber is not popular?

2016-02-06 13:10

0 EpicBlox3 Cool map!! Tyler played it!!

2016-02-06 08:13

0 TBNR_Dennis Hey! I came from Preston's & Lachlan's Channel.
I am a fan of them.

i hope you dont mind if i post their video link here!



Keep making more maps

2016-02-06 00:56

0 kierankaos this is quite a good map, maybe remove the time going by when dead?

2016-02-05 02:05

+3 Blockhead7360 If you guys make a video of this map, please post it here! I will place the Minecraft heads of all people who make a video of this in my next map, The Sea Lab! (Adventure Map)

2016-02-03 22:38


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