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Parkour Jungle Island

Created by Zombie1111

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Map Info

Parkour your way through multiple levels stuck inside a jungle island to finally get out and reach the end!

These levels can have all different kinds of environments and difficulties.

There is a lot of checkpoints and the map is fun for everyone! Are you good enough to reach the end?

This map will give you at least 35 minutes of fun gameplay!

There's is a auto-teleport feature, so you donĀ“t need to walk back if you fail a jump. You can turn it off though alongside night vision and a path finding element.

Map gameplay video by nightowl

Can you beat my time record? Probably not but here you have it (10min, 27sec)


Map Details

Creator: Zombie1111
(240 votes)
Version: 1.1.5
MC Version: 1.16.3
Size: 23.8 MB
Added: 2020-10-17
Downloads: 4,329
Category: Parkour Maps

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