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Ned's Crate

Created by CaptainPandaIV

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Let me tell you about Ned. Ned is a lonely guy and all he wants is a toaster from IKEA, but they're sold out. Now, he offers you hundreds and hundreds of diamonds if you get him a special blue crate, in which the diamonds lay.

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Follow the rules, and just keep on keeping on!

I have NOT actually done INSANE MODE myself, but I know for a fact that, with lots of practice (and I mean, LOTS), can be accomplished.

Big thanks to everyone who inspired me, including TBNRfrags, and to all of my friends!


Map Details

Creator: CaptainPandaIV
(49 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 9.14 MB
Added: 2017-10-14
Downloads: 1,143
Category: Parkour Maps


0 PowerCow Should add more elements to the map, maybe a bit more story? Some dialogue at specific points and maybe a better environment for the parkour to suit the storyline (like, maybe you can parkour through a neighborhood or something?) instead of just pure parkour. Needs more association with the story

The parkour is nice though even if it's a bit on the tough side, but the description doesn't make sense xD check for yourself

2017-10-15 02:28


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