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Lost World Parkour

Created by IchigoTetra

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You awake with no memory, and you find yourself alone in the middle of nowhere. It's currently the middle of the day, and you have no idea what you are going to do. No memory, and nowhere to go. After looking around for a few minutes you spy a village in the corner of your eye.

"Yes!" You cry loudly, happy to find something that can help. You start your long journey towards the village, and once you finally get there, you find a house that feels familiar. "Strange feeling." You say. You decide to enter the house, and find yourself in a room that is very odd. Parts of the wall comes out, and it looks like the rooms has been torn apart.

You decide to climb up the the next floor, where it appears there is a giant hole in the ceiling opening up to the outside. It looks as though maybe something hit it. Upon reaching the top, you realize this was no accident. This whole thing was carefully constructed, and you see where you need to be.

There's my little opener for this silly little minecraft map I made. It's a parkour map, you have 3 different challenges and they are all easy and simple. I wanted to just make a quick map and see how people like it. If you guys enjoy, feedback is appreciated! If you want me to make a part 2 and reveal the rest of the story with much more puzzles leave some feedback saying so. Thanks for playing!


Map Details

Creator: IchigoTetra
(181 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 18 MB
Added: 2016-11-24
Downloads: 5,118
Category: Parkour Maps


0 IchigoTetra Quoting Arxx_1:
Yeah definatly how did you do that with the signs?

You are able to summon them in with commands, and you can edit them to run commands and have color. I myself, not being very experienced, used the internet to generate them for me. :)

2016-12-19 01:53

0 braydon this map is awesome the hole scared the signs awesome do a part two please a little short ;b

2016-12-18 21:51

+1 Arxx_1 Quoting minelia5:
A very short teaser for future work, but I found it entertaining. Nice job, especially with the signs :)

I want more!

Yeah definatly how did you do that with the signs?

2016-12-10 10:37

+1 Arxx_1 WOW! Is this really your first map? It's looks like your map is made by someone who has been making maps their whole live! Keep it up and cannot wait for part two!

2016-12-10 10:36

+2 Soberse Pretty good for a first map! Keep the maps coming bud! Here is my vid on it:

2016-11-26 05:18

+2 Djm9 Hey, Its Dj,this was a real nice start to the map! Please continue the map. Keep with the story line too! Hope you continue this map. -Dj

2016-11-26 04:22

+3 BleuRose I love this map!

2016-11-26 02:06

+1 Batman I loved this first part and would definitely like several more.

2016-11-25 23:28

+2 minelia5 A very short teaser for future work, but I found it entertaining. Nice job, especially with the signs :)

I want more!

2016-11-25 23:25

+3 Lavamob94 This was a great map but try adding more levels in the map

2016-11-25 20:12

0 JeffBlogs Wayyyyyyyyyyyy to short, bad story. Spend time on your maps before releasing them. However, youre getting the parkour right :)

2016-11-25 19:44

-2 mzg Very poorly made map

2016-11-25 16:45

+2 Jazz_Maniac it is a great map, well constructed. but it was a bit short.
if you make another one i would love for one a bit longer and slightly harder.
- Jazz_Maniac

2016-11-25 02:47


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