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Different Angles Parkour!

Created by CemreK external

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Map Info

This map is really different. This map has a total 9 parts. Forget all the parkour maps you've played. I'm going to force you.

You will play this map with 4 different perspectives.

  • 1 Top view
  • 2 Back view
  • 3 Front view
  • 4 Side view

And Normal view.

Don't forget to press F5 when the game starts!

Estimated Game Play Time: 15-20 Minute.

For any problems you may encounter please email me at cemrekremix@gmail.com


  • Don't cheat.
  • Play in peaceful mode.
  • Play in 1.12.2
  • Render Distance 12 or high (if not, some code may not work.)


Map Details

Creator: CemreK external
(169 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 9.9 MB
Added: 2017-12-16
Downloads: 4,339
Category: Parkour Maps

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+1 Blazester101 I haven't tried this one cause it seems confusing but I needed a way to tell CEMREK keep up the epic maps!

2018-05-29 16:07

+2 TheKillTnT Thumbs Up
The best parkour map i played :D

2018-05-20 07:08

-4 Brady Not to be rude i didn't like it

2018-04-13 09:59

+12 Henzoid BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2017-12-16 11:37

+10 _Falling_ I Think This World / Minecraft Map. Its The BEST ever in the world i have never seen one just like this

2017-12-16 09:55


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