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Created by TheKingTom

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Map Info:
Hello there.

This is my first map ever released. I hope you will enjoy it!

In this map there is a new type of parkour. If you stand on a special block you will get the "power" (See Blocks).

There are 5 levels in this map. They are not so short. (Pro = 15min, Normal = 25min, Noob = 40min)

1. Play in singleplayer.
2. Don't cheat or skip parts.
3. Renderdistance set on 10 chucks.


  • Magenta = Clear all effects.
  • Orange = Monkey Bar (Look up to use).
  • Blue = Teleport 5 blocks up.
  • Green = Jump Boost.
  • Red = Kill.
  • Light Blue = Checkpoint.
  • Yellow = Speed.
  • Light Grey = Teleport 5 blocks down.
  • Brown = Wall Glider (You can stand around this block).
  • Purple = Nausea.
  • Black = Blindness.
  • Grey = Wither.

Resource Pack:
There is a custom Resource Pack included with this map, you will need to place it in the "resourcepacks" folder.

Bug Report:
If you find any bugs in my map just say it in the comment section below.

Map made by TheKingTom.


Map Details

Creator: TheKingTom
(5 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 948 KB
Added: 2015-10-19
Downloads: 9,071
Category: Parkour Maps


LegoMinecraft369 This was pretty fun! I played a map that was very similar a few months ago, and Level 4 got my blood boiling... but I still applaud your efforts, especially because this is your first map. If you'd like to see it, I have the first of two episodes of a Let's Play of it on my channel. Keep up the good work if you plan to release more maps!

2015-11-05 12:40

Arangotango2772 I played your map

we were bad

2015-10-24 19:37

JackpotBattle I found a small bug in the game on the 4th level

2015-10-22 03:02

Donut Lord Lots of other people have done parkour maps like this, for example, 5upertrinity, so this isnt really a new type of parkour... but, otherwise, great map!

2015-10-21 19:18

JackpotBattle I did a Let's Play about this. Really fun and challenging map :D

2015-10-20 23:35

TheDinoRawr Good map!I love maps like these! :D

2015-10-20 17:07

Noob Great map!

2015-10-20 16:58


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