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Balance Beams

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This map is centered around the unique mechanic of balance. In each course, you'll have to go across beams to get from checkpoint to checkpoint and ultimately beat the course. There are a total of seven stages. Each stage has a stronger gravitational pull than the last one, meaning it will be harder to balance and easier to fall off. Each course has 4 available medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. The medals for each course have their own times according to the course's length and difficulty.

How to Play

There are two blocks you need to be familiar with in this map: light gray stained clay and red stained clay. When you step on light gray stained clay, it will turn dark and set your checkpoint there. When you step on red stained clay, you are teleported up four blocks and automatically turned towards the next balance beam. This means that when you're approaching a red stained clay block, you don't need to turn. Just keep facing straight. Anyways, besides this, there's not much more you need to be familiar with. I can't really explain how to balance on the beams. It's just something you need to practice.


Progress Tracker: Aside from the main feature of balance, there is also a progress tracker for each course. The progress tracker is displayed through your XP bar. If, for example, it shows the number 72, that means you have completed 72% of the course.

Medals and Times: As previously mentioned, each course has its own unique medals. When you complete the map, it will tell you the time it took to complete the course (e.g. 2 min 45.35 seconds). Bronze medals are the easiest to earn and usually don't require much skill. Diamond medals, on the other hand, are near-impossible to get and require little to no errors when running through the course.

Varying Gravity: Each stage has its own gravitational strength. Stage fives's gravity, for instance, is 60% stronger than stage two's gravity. This means it will be much harder to balance on the beams in stage five, as you'll be pulled off of them with much greater force. And stage seven, oh man, I don't even want to get into that!

Trails: As you complete courses, you're able to get cool looking trails in the "MISC" section of the map. When you earn a Silver medal in a course, that equates to 2 medal points. There are a total of 72 available medal points in the map. Each trail requires a certain amount of medal points to unlock, so make sure you complete those courses quickly!

Replay: In this map, you can play any unlocked course at any time, any amount of times. So, if you're unhappy with your time on any of the courses, you can play it over as much as you want until you're either happy with your time or you give up. xD


  • You are not allowed to run, walk, or shift when you're on a balance beam. If you try to do this, you'll be reset to the last checkpoint you were on
  • No changing gamemodes
  • No breaking or placing blocks
  • If you record this map for YouTube, please credit me by linking back to this page
  • This map is for singleplayer only.

Notable Things

Inspiration: If you've played a lot of parkour maps or watched a lot of videos of people playing parkour maps, you're probably familiar with 5uperTrinity. I really liked the build and interaction style he used for his How2Parkour map, so I decided to replicate it and mix in my own style for this map. He makes really cool maps, and if you'd like to check him out, you can click here.

My Times: As the creator of the map, I've had a good run at a lot of the courses. If you'd like to try to beat the times I've gotten on the courses, you can go to my PMC post for the map here and click on "My Course Times" in the description. It shows my times for each course in the map. If you want to try to beat them all, I wish you luck!

Creator Info

shanewolf38's YouTube (if you make a video on this map, linking to my YouTube channel in the description would be much appreciated)

shanewolf38's PMC


2016-07-09 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: shanewolf38
(52 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.9.2
File Size: 2.78 MB
Date Added: 2016-07-09
Downloads: 1,801
Map Category: Parkour Maps

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