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2D Parkour With a Twist

Created by Zombie1111

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Singleplayer only!!

Control a villager through a two-dimensional parkour! Most of the jumps is quite easy, But i added some vindicators

too make it much harder. and normaly you probably jump with spacebar right? But not in this map, all controls are custom made!

This map will give you around 30 minutes of play time! enjoy...

Can you beat my time record? Probably not but here you have it!

Real time: 16min and 49sec, Map time: 1023, Video


Map Details

Creator: Zombie1111
(181 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 12.3 MB
Added: 2020-07-27
Downloads: 4,142
Category: Parkour Maps


+6 Liontack This map is a nice idea, but that is all.
To put it the way you named your vindicators: you suck and you are bad.
It has too many bugs to properly play. I would love to play it if these bugs are mostly solved.

The villager does not always react to the user input. The villager sometimes jumps without user input. The villager takes damage in blocks, because he can walk into blocks. There are too many enemies, or the villager has not enough health. The tutorial texts are really hard to read. The villager spawns under the checkpoint. Wall jumping is not working correctly. The map goes from right to left, this is against the expected direction. The villager jumps x seconds later than when I tell him to jump, this makes it really hard to time a jump and movement. The player is teleported to the villager at random occasions when jumping, but most notably when wall jumping. This way you can not see what is happening. The difficulty is way too high in the turorial and the first rainbow level. There is no way I can go through all 20 levels with these bugs and hardships.

2020-07-28 20:11

+5 NewFriskFan26 Help! I can't wall jump. It keeps killing me!

2020-07-28 17:14


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