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Minecraft Maps & Commands by It5meSam

Minecraft Map Maker, Coordinater for PrestonPlayz

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Ant man themed hide and seek with powerups and many hiding locations. The map includes a resource pack with custom ant man characters and other models. There's also custom rooms that can be unlocked using keys.

Are you ready to get trolled and ragequit? I don't think so!

Parkour Spiral 2 is a GIGANTIC parkour map where you start at the bottom and parkour your way up to the top! Play alone or with friends!

"Mob Killer" is a short and useful command to constantly kill all mobs and their loot. This is very useful for Map-Makers when starting maps.

Welcome to the Tower where your goal is to find anyway to get to the top.

Welcome to the ClickBait map, this map is about getting click baited!

Remember The Classic Book called "iSpy"? Well, This map is a remake on iSpy expect you find a button...

This is a pretty neat Command that lets you turn OFF Player Collision in only One Command :)

AnyPercent is a epilogue to the series The Glitcher, see how to do the glitches!

Don't Trust The Floor 3 is a map where your goal is to avoid the floor by any means possible.

Travel through 8 challenging parkour levels without slipping or shifting!

In the sixth installment to this series, get through 9 all new levels with only a half a heart!

Have you ever wanted to Parkour really fast? Well, now you can! In This map "2 Fast 4 You" parkour is lightspeed fast for all 15 Stages!

Glitch your way through the final part of the trilogy, The Glitcher 3!