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White Nightmare

Created by PixxelHeartt

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One day, you discover an ancient fortress- one that holds strange and mysterious secrets. The legends have said that this very fortress is haunted by Herobrine himself....but it also holds the key to his ruin, an ancient artifact that can banish 'HIM' forever.

You set out to find the pieces of this ancient artifact- but first, you must find and use hidden keys to unlock new rooms with clues that will help you on your way as you further uncover the mysteries around you. Eventually, you will find another, much darker realm, one of terrible nightmares that you must escape by solving the riddles entangled within.

It only gets more confusing the deeper you go within your mind....will you survive to defeat the one who haunts you?


  • Includes Resource Pack
  • For Minecraft version 1.8
  • Singleplayer
  • Semi-psycological horror map
  • Personalized storyline
  • New items (no mods required)
  • Customized monsters
  • Boss battle
  • Realistic Herobrine


Map Details

Creator: PixxelHeartt
(397 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 58 MB
Added: 2017-08-15
Downloads: 21,141
Category: Horror Maps


+4 DuckyGaming Quoting Herobrinetin:
Is there any jump scares?

Oh definantly

2017-10-07 01:03

+1 frenky very good map and one - the final fight the nightmare is behind the herobrines chair and he is bugs

2017-09-01 11:27

+3 StarWaws That was a really good map, well created an very good dialogue. If you have not already, please make a second one! (;

2017-08-26 03:21

+7 Andare Good and well made map!
But there're 2 bugs i know made i had to 'cheat'
First, the first key i got can be placed on the 2 Andesite in the castle too;
Second, in the boss fight, i opened the spider cave's door without killing all the spiders, which caused the wither later spawned near the spiders, and my arrows can't reach it. So i can only change my gamemode to break the wall and reach the wither.
What's more, i 'solved' the puzzle without the riddlebook, i just pulled all the levers i saw, and somehow i passed XD
Despite the bugs, walking speed is annoying too XD.

2017-08-23 09:00

+2 A5 Just made and uploaded part one of your cool map. I am a new youtuber and made a 2 different part of the map White Nightmare, this is the supercool adventure map, but there's a glitch that I am invincible in the map. please check that out and yeah the map was really awesome.
The link to the video is below:

2017-08-19 10:07

-2 ZloyXP not too bad for a first mapmaking experience, but still years behind the map making community and technology even for a map that was made in 1.8 for 1.8.
Which by the way there was no reason for it to be 1.8, all the same stuff could've been achieved with 1.12 command-blocks easily, especially considering how simplistic the map is.
I still recommend you avoid playing this map unless you're a big fan of very slow walking and "room keys" that have to be placed next to a door but can be placed somewhere else, effectively locking you out of the rest of the map (mhhm, the "nether_brick key" can be placed somewhere in the environment except where it's supposed to), jumpscares that only happen when the player does something obvious, so don't jump at you nor are scary.
I still encourage Heartt to continue making maps and invest some time into researching the 1.12+ command block tech, cause I found the story in books to be somewhat engaging and an interesting spin on the age old idea of Herobrond. With proper tools, I feel this person could develop a rather interesting and engaging minecraft experience!

2017-08-17 11:56

+1 KelsiThePyrofly Here's my play-through of the map. It's one of my favorite videos I've made lately. Once again, I absolutely loved the map :)


2017-08-17 05:13

0 PixxelHeartt KelsiethePyroFl y I can't wait to see your video!!!!

2017-08-16 15:47

+1 PixxelHeartt Yes, there are a few jumpscares!

2017-08-16 15:45

-3 Welp Ive just loaded the map i everything is normal with the textures except the DARK FENCES :(

2017-08-16 15:38

+1 KelsiThePyrofly AMAZING map! 10/10 would play again! I'll be uploading a video of it soon. I'll leave the link once it's up :)

2017-08-16 02:40

0 Herobrinetin Is there any jump scares?

2017-08-16 02:25


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