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The Highlake Hotel

Created by mean82

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Map Info:
The Highlake Hotel may have been a luxurious place to stay at it's peak, however, the hotel has been deserted for many decades now and no one is certain why that is.

After finding yourself trapped you must explore the hotel to find a way out; you may even uncover the horrible secrets of The Highlake Hotel hidden within.

This map is an atmospheric exploration map. It is designed for a single player and can be completed in 30-60 minutes.

Most recently updated on Minecraft 1.8.8.

This map is designed to be played on the default resource pack.

For any problems you may encounter please email me at [email protected]

Please change your settings before starting:

  • FOV: Normal
  • Volume: 100%
  • Weather: 100%
  • Render Distance: 3-4
  • Particles: Decreased
  • Music: Off
  • Brightness: 10%
  • Difficulty: Normal


Map Details

Creator: mean82
(135 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 13 MB
Added: 2015-10-27
Downloads: 26,173
Category: Horror Maps


-1 DinosAreLife Could you reduce the rain? It made my game incredibly laggy. I couldn't even get past the first bit it was that full of lag.

2018-06-09 19:12

+1 Cyanide_Latte I just finished this map and I can honestly say that I loved just about every second of it! This is one of the greatest maps I've ever played, if not the greatest!

One of my favorite things about this map was how clever and secretive it was. It definitely made me run through things at least twice! I didn't find this fact annoying at all, though, because I'm a very observant person. I also LOVED the atmosphere! I was reading around and I saw people saying that it wasn't scary and that it needed jumpscares. I love this map just the way it is and I actually appreciate that it wasn't overloaded with jumpscares because that gets old after a while!

I also LOVED the part with the path at the end! My jaw literally dropped!!! *trying not to spoil it* :)
Thank you so much for this experience!!!

2017-07-14 01:33

0 crazestunner368 how do you get through the underground bit.

2016-12-19 21:35

+1 Robo Epic Great map! Had me on edge the whole time and the end was amazing. Thank you for such a great map!

2016-12-15 07:01

+1 Beeisme End was cool

2016-06-08 04:09

+5 MAPS R MY LIFE One of the BEST maps I have EVER played!! It was so good! I loved it so much!

2016-04-29 21:30

+2 Drwolfpoint Great Map, this truly gives off the creepy aura one would want in horror map

2016-04-03 03:39

0 LunarBenjamin I really loved the map I've played this map twice and I still love playing the map.

2016-03-12 15:03

-2 The Popcornbox i have the key to the penthouse then i find a book named room 9 then i go to room 9 i think there is gonna be something scary then i read the book then i sleep in one of those beds i wake up i try to do something nothing happens i dont now where i need to go its not clear i give it 5 stars for scarynis but 2 stars for clearnis

2016-02-09 11:10

+1 Dave i don't rate and comment on maps but this was REALLY good. it scared the crap out of me multiple times, what with all the noises and such. i was glad that -SPOILERS- there was no monster to chase me, even if the noises made me think they were. -SPOILER END- it was so good, you did awesomely, and it was really well made. that was my one constant thought throughout the map; this is really well made.

2016-02-08 04:12

+1 CoolFire so scary =]

2016-01-06 21:08

+1 Tar0a This map is just fantastic. I loved that it went the eerie sort of scary instead of just being jump scary. And the first time I heard footsteps I was so paranoid I hid in a bathroom. Not super easy, not super hard, and as far as I can tell it's not buggy in the least bit (and I'm usually good at finding those types of things and ruining everything). Very very very fun. Thanks so much for this!

2015-12-31 20:20

0 Blyat Hello dude,

I played this map with one of my friends and we both think this map was absolutely awesome!
You did a great job bro,
please do more stuff like that.

2015-12-29 21:54

+3 TacoGoat Me (TheAmazingGoat ) and my fellow melon-friend (MrAwesomeMelon ) enjoyed your map very well! But we expected a lot more of jumpscares! But overall your map is super awesome cool plot twist and creepy! :3

2015-12-28 19:29

+1 mean82 Quoting FluffyTheBacca:
can this be for multiplayer too??

Hi there! The map was originally intended for a single player, but if two players were to stick together throughout the map it should still run smoothly.

2015-12-25 07:45

+1 Tommy right now im in the sewers, and you did a great job on this.

2015-12-25 01:46

0 HelpME Is it a Multiplayer map???

2015-12-24 20:29

+2 FluffyTheBacca can this be for multiplayer too??

2015-12-23 15:21

0 Exipat Hey!This is a really cool map!I may got stuck at some points but, it was perfect.Everyth ing was going like a clock!Thank you so much for making this map

2015-11-28 10:06

+3 psychwar This was so amazing!!!! Thank you for creating such an awesome map, I was sad to finish it! Damn that was good

2015-11-06 09:31

+1 SassyAngel112 I absolutely loved this map! It wasn't that scary, but throughout the map I was creeped out! The little notes and mazes were so much fun! Thanks for the great map! I also recorded it if anyone wants to see it :)


2015-11-05 21:34

+2 bikerchic44 cool map dude!!!
Love all the secret passage stuff.
Good ending.

2015-10-31 21:31

+2 PureSoulGamer I loved the map altogether! It was scary enough to make it a horror map that can be played by all, but not too scary to make the game unplayable. Keep making more of these! If anyone is stuck and needs help, I made a playthrough of the map. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm4Yz5FCd3q2FuLAhEGO579aL_TBNwSnS

2015-10-31 16:04

+2 PureSoulGamer Loved the map! I was surprised that I did not need any special texture pack to make the map more scary than what it seemed. It gave enough scare to make it a horror map, but not too scary that made it unplayable. Make more of these for sure! I made a playthrough of it to help if anyone is stuck on a curtain part and want to get past it quick.

2015-10-31 15:53

+2 Andy I am stuck after i came to the first house... I have checked all the rooms and bathrooms (I think) I checked every painting, i checked the pool and hot tub, where do i go?????????

2015-10-31 10:43

+2 Sugar__Drunk This map was amazing architecturally and the atmosphere was great. I personally didn't find it all that scary but I enjoyed it immensely none the less. Keep up the good work!

2015-10-30 02:13

+5 GNgaminz Right now I am stuck at the part where I received 2 pressure plate keys in a chest. The maintenance shed key and the ballroom key. I was able to place the ballroom key at the farthest door, but when I stepped on it nothing happened. Was anyone able to get past this part, and if you did please tell me how.

2015-10-29 00:22

+2 Ben I'm stuck on the penthouse area. Can you give me a hint on how to proceed?

2015-10-28 22:41

+3 mean82 Quoting Daniel:
Mean82, can you give me a hint on how to proceed though the ice area? All the ways out there, minus the way I came in, are either blocked by ice, or there is a locked room in the way? One of the path blocked by ice has a chest behind and a redstone torch next to it. Do I have find a way to melt the ice, or find a lever to unlock the locked door? Also, the way out of the dining hall is now locked, and there is a locked room in the kitchen area.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your interest in my map!

I will post a hint here for you and others that may be stuck in the same position.

The aim in the freezer is to get a lever named 'The Only Way Out' which you need to place on the gold block with a sign that says the same thing.

The lever is hidden on the second level of the freezer in a chest through a 1 block wide walkway so it can be difficult to find. You will not have to melt any ice to get to it.

If I release an updated version of the map I will make it a bit clearer as I am aware that the freezer is probably the most ambiguous part of the map.

Thanks again!
- mean82

2015-10-28 19:52

+2 Daniel Mean82, can you give me a hint on how to proceed though the ice area? All the ways out there, minus the way I came in, are either blocked by ice, or there is a locked room in the way? One of the path blocked by ice has a chest behind and a redstone torch next to it. Do I have find a way to melt the ice, or find a lever to unlock the locked door? Also, the way out of the dining hall is now locked, and there is a locked room in the kitchen area.

2015-10-28 16:01


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