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Created by Redcomon

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Map Info

Welcome! The whole game for you watching the existence cry that wants to scare you. Your mission: to get out.

This map is not big, but exciting. It will make you afraid...


  • Stay in gamemode 2
  • Don't cheats
  • Brightness 50%


Map Details

Creator: Redcomon
(488 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 7.1 MB
Added: 2016-11-11
Downloads: 15,497
Category: Horror Maps


purplepixie i had to go to gamemode c to find out if there where buttons and there where 0 buttons

2017-07-05 18:28

GermanLetsGirl I play so many good Horror-Maps. Your map isnt scary, the rdm jumpscares are just annoying.

LG from Germany

2017-07-01 14:22

winger playing so unless there some final jump scare
boring has not gotten me once is just a maze with random screemer

2017-06-17 00:37

creeper_kid05 ok just started the map and a jump scare already gave me a heart attack

2017-05-21 00:47

Sam Lol every time the thing popped out I stole its clothes when I jumped.

2017-03-25 23:57

smudla1 R.I.P
my headphones

2017-03-05 15:45

Bobby How do u get through first room? not great!!! :(

2017-03-03 18:10

Wonderland_WarYT The map is way to laggy

2016-12-11 17:39

Mr. Blubberbutter Sorry, dude, but not a great map. I'm not sure if there actually was a quest in the first place. The "First room" teleported me to an empty room with nothing to do. I even went into creative and still couldn't figure it out.

2016-11-23 17:35

RobZombie6 To get through first level go in creative and break a few barriers and it'll teleport you to the first room

2016-11-23 00:41

winger no was out of the start

2016-11-22 02:41

TGM im walkOut i can't find with crying lady good map

2016-11-20 05:04

bob how do i leave the first room

2016-11-19 21:00

littlefriskyx This map sounded great, but i couldnt even get out of the first room, so from what i saw it wasnt scary.
I flew around the map i found a beacon, but it teleported me to the end of the map, soo... yeah, anyone know how to get past the first room?

2016-11-18 07:14

Kamanton cant make it out of the first room its annoying not scary >_>

2016-11-15 20:24

trumpeldur i was playing this map and i got scared 1 time that map is not that scary,
but anyways a great map you can make this map an a dventure map this will be great!

2016-11-12 10:39

Isak Swahn owner you really suck at spelling haha

2016-11-12 09:14

WalbergMC this map was so awesome! i rate this like 8/10 and however i will gonna post my minecraft horror map on this website soon ;)! nice job dude!

2016-11-12 06:37


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