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SunBurn: Burn or be Burned

Created by TheDestruc7i0n

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Map Info:
A Sunstorm just drove through the world, leaving it to burn. You have found the last refuge of blocks: clay was fired by the heat, not destroyed.

Along with the other survivors, you made it to this refuge. However, the land you traveled through infused you with enough heat that you burn the very ground you stand upon!

There are three layers of this fired clay, but it decays under you even as you move. You have a single goal, all the others forgotten, even as the Sunstorm comes back to haunt you.

Survive. Run. Against all odds, win. And don't get caught like the others.

Welcome to SunBurn.

Any number of players can race for dominance over the Sunstorm. All you need is a server large enough.

Minecraft Version:
The Sunstorm is a product of 1.8. Any version below it, and it will not function.

Blazes spawn every once in a while in the game. Kill one, and get a Powerup. Some are Lucky, some are Meh, and some are even Horrible. Rest assured, though, it's worth it to get them.

We have so many command blocks, our brains exploded every time we contemplated the number of command blocks we had.

If you die, fear not. Your spirit can live on with the survivors. Just hit the Spectate button to go to the arena as a ghost.

The world resets so fast, and so easily, you can play as much as you want.

A distinct lack of friends is no match for the power of redstone. Play singleplayer, and race against the clock.

There are hidden features, little quirks, and more. Try to find them all! (You might need Wire Segal to get your gamemode first...).


  • Minecraft 1.8 or later.
  • Minimum 8 chunks Render Distance.
  • Vanilla Server (Multiplayer).
  • Adjust (see below).


  • Default Texture/Resource Pack.
  • Brightness: Full/Bright.
  • Clouds: Off.
  • 64-bit Java.

Server Information:
For Multiplayer, you NEED TO have command blocks enabled.

In your file, make sure you have these settings:

This map is NOT compatible with Bukkit. We at Sunstorm Control Center apologize.

Other Info:
If you are a youtuber, you must give credit to the two Creators, TheDestruc7i0n and Wire Segal. Please follow this guide:

Thank you for playing this map! If you have any questions, please contact @TheDestruc7i0n or @WireSegal. Also if there’s a bug, please, do not hesitate to contact us, and we'll fix it!

Map Details

Creator: TheDestruc7i0n
(16 votes)
Version: 0.05
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 3 MB
Added: 2014-10-09
Downloads: 26,228
Category: Game Maps


+1 TheOnlyOne This is great i love this map sso much fun ^_^

2015-05-23 06:30

+5 DeadloxMC Loved this map. I played it like 50 times

2014-12-13 05:17

+6 The Real Slarts I have just done a map showcase on my youtube channel. Brilliant map and looks really nice, highly recommend to play with friends.

2014-10-31 15:14

+6 TheDestruc7i0n Changelog 0.5: The HUGE update

- A lot of cosmetic changes
- New logo
- Woo, marc
- Optimization
- Reset is now FULLY automatic

2014-10-28 01:05

+2 _Oswin_ It feels like this map is based off of The Maze Runner series, mostly The Scorch Trials. It's an awesome concept!

2014-10-23 09:42

+3 Minecraft_Pro169 AMAZING MAP!!! Really great map!!! :D I played it 1st time and got 5449 ticks and 272 seconds is tht good? lol Nice map TheDestruc7i0n! !! :) Very clever!

2014-10-23 02:19

+6 TheDestruc7i0n Quoting TheModerator1217:
This was awesome! The concept was great!

Thanks! We took A LOT of time to make this

2014-10-20 01:10

-3 ndbkim This is a great map concept! Enjoyed playing this. A suggestion I have for you is to spend time making detailed maps, like a wasteland.

2014-10-19 00:24

+4 Mayroz If u guys want tips to get really good scores, do what I do:
1.) Jump the entire time while playing.
2.) Never sprint, this causes more distance traveled in a shorter period of time.
3.)Go in large circles starting from the outer edge working to the center.

I follow these rules and get scores around 775 each time.

2014-10-18 21:32

+2 Dreamconfedi Whoo! 183 seconds! Beat that, Bill!

2014-10-18 01:09

+1 iruleoverkittens "A distinct lack of friends"
That insulting D:
Great map!

2014-10-17 02:41

-5 JacobRuby Well I hate to say this but... you spoiled my plan! I was making the same kind of thing. well I guess I have to start doing something else. it's ok.

2014-10-16 18:16

+2 TheModerator1217 This was awesome! The concept was great!

2014-10-13 22:30

+1 TheDestruc7i0n Quoting NeoMc:
Although this map seems simple, the concept is great!

Thanks a bunch, like your maps too ;)

2014-10-11 23:09

+5 TheDestruc7i0n This map was played by OkwardIndustrie s, SkyDoesMinecraf t and xRpMx13

2014-10-11 22:44

+2 NeoMc Although this map seems simple, the concept is great!

2014-10-11 13:27

+4 TheDestruc7i0n Quoting Threshold_25:
I love this map! If you were to make another one, maybe add in a way for spectators to cause disadvantages for people!

Thanks, I may put it on the list ;)

2014-10-10 19:49

+2 Threshold_25 I love this map! If you were to make another one, maybe add in a way for spectators to cause disadvantages for people!

2014-10-10 11:38


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