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Ore Grabber

Created by Freelsify

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Map Info:
This map is 2-4 players.

This is a game where blocks fall from the sky, each block is worth a different amount of points.

The first person to 300 Points wins, but its not that easy,players can also hit you to remove your points.

There is also a shop with all sorts of fun Items. You will be awarded emeralds throughout the game to spend at the shop.

There is a total of 5 maps you can play within the game, each having there own unique style.


Map Details

Creator: Freelsify
(12 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 1.3 MB
Added: 2015-11-13
Downloads: 5,059
Category: Game Maps


-1 Pirate_Boy Awesome work! i really liked the system and the overall game!

I have some suggestions:

1.try to use colors in signs and another things!(you can use MCedit or NBTedit)
2.To make a immortal villager and don't let it run away use: Invulnerable:1, Rotation:[f],No AI:1

(like: /summon Villager ~ ~0.5 ~ {Rotation:[-90f],NoAI:1,Profession:1,CustomName:"Tim",CustomNameVisible:1,Invulnerable:1,Silent:1,Offers:{}})

3.I think that just 50 points for emerald its better
4.use /tellraw command instead of /say ! (link to a cool generator: )

One of my favorite maps!

2015-11-27 15:33

-1 EpicElite3 Great map! Tons of fun to play. Definitely would play this again! Heres a Let's Play:

2015-11-23 22:57


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