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Elytra Flight Challenge

Created by Lore of Crafters

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Map Info

Welcome to the Elytra Flight Challenge!

(Difficulty: Normal)

The goal is to fly to the end of the course using the Elytra as fast as possible!

In case you fail (and you will) you can use the red pressure plate pads to go back to the beginning and start over.

Trailer for the map.

Map Details

Creator: Lore of Crafters
(186 votes)
Version: 1.4
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 2.4 MB
Added: 2016-03-08
Downloads: 38,151
Category: Game Maps


0 blowingUp i did it in 25.67 second

2021-11-03 17:18

0 xdshnick Great map! Find a shortcut and did 25.79 record. U need to update it

2021-08-21 12:02

0 lingling1301 very good!

2021-08-05 09:30

0 Korzl Really loved the map! Looks great and the hairpin turn up was decently challenging :)

2021-07-13 22:33

+5 SnipHacker The map is pretty cool. I have completed it in the first try. My record is 36 seconds.

2017-06-11 11:04

+5 doge lover Quoting TheTNTBlower77:
Help! I was at the second try and then I cant fly!?!??!?! I was doing well on the first try!!!! pls help i was flying the right way

go on another map and use elytra then go back on

2017-03-11 23:13

-8 IKMplays I have made a Youtube video on this map. I hope you like it (This is one of my first videos so the quality of it might not be that great).
You can go check it out at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybQMHo6nPGc

2016-12-02 10:07

+2 AboAlrok the map was awesome. i learned new tricks of flight like the last part where you you fly down to the finish and my best time is 45s

2016-10-28 09:52

+1 That Guy Made it first try
but it was GREAT

2016-08-06 08:51

-4 Diamond_Frenzy I ran out of food before I completed the map... had to kill myself and lost a couple elytras...

2016-06-29 19:04

-7 Arbe12 Please can you do one that uses a plugin, this map is awsome and I would like to see what you can do with the plugin. Search bukkit arbe12 ElytraFlight to see what I mean. pls, this is awsome!

2016-05-15 18:15

+5 TheTNTBlower77 Help! I was at the second try and then I cant fly!?!??!?! I was doing well on the first try!!!! pls help i was flying the right way

2016-03-29 11:07

+3 IcePlaysMC1 - IGN If I had to rate this map 1/10, I'd give it a 9. This was an awesome and really fun 1.9 map. It took me about 45 minutes to complete. I'm going to waste no time, and go straight onto Elytra Flight Challenge II because I loved this one THAT much! And I am impressed. Very. You can do this in 4 hours? With more than one person, yeah, but still, that's insane. Loved it. Thanks!

PS: I am pretty sure there is a slight problem with the map. It puts you in survival mode when you start, so you can sort of cheat a bit. Anyways, bye! Thanks :)

2016-03-27 04:02

-2 ZooMass The map is perfect :D

2016-03-18 13:59

-4 xcastzcast Really fun map! A suggestion might be a score board for the highest amount of rings passed through or amount of deaths?

2016-03-10 08:49

-7 Braditanium I loved this map. I hope there are a lot more gliding courses to come with the release of 1.9! :D I made a video on it on my YT, search for same name.

2016-03-10 00:02

+3 Boiing587 Second try:D

Really cool map, even though it's a bit short, though! I got some serious speed!

2016-03-09 13:27

+5 TNTrunner I was getting teleported back to the start whenever I would pass through the fifth hole (after the mobs area). And I wasn't touching the pressure plate.

2016-03-08 21:36


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