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Where Are The Buttons? 5

Created by DiamondMaster420

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Welcome to the 5th map of my series Where are the buttons!

This map has 15 unique levels with ranging difficulty, which range from natural minecraft generations to going to outer space. In most levels, you will find concepts and features that you might not of known! Also, keep your eye out for 5 shards of the secret! Find all 5 and you can unlock the bonus level at the end!

This map was meant for only one player. More than one and you can cause the map to glitch.

This map has been tested several times and there are no known bugs so far. So If you guys encounter one, let me know down in the comments and I will fix it ASAP. If you guys are really stuck on completing it, check out my walk-through here. The link will also be in the map if you are lazy to go back here.

Anyways, good luck and have fun!


Map Details

Creator: DiamondMaster420
(72 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.1
Size: 1.38 MB
Added: 2017-08-27
Downloads: 3,573
Category: Finding Maps


-1 DiamondMaster420 Quoting jeff:
This sucks as I cant do redstone nor go in creative

Like I said, if you are stuck, check out my walkthrough to see how it is done.

2017-08-31 02:34

-1 jeff This sucks as I cant do redstone nor go in creative

2017-08-31 00:49

+1 cold2d Ayyy, found it really challenging but extremely fun, make more!!!!

2017-08-29 04:03

-1 hi I spawn outside of the map and I keep falling in to the void...

2017-08-28 15:35

0 Thanos Very good work mate. I stuck to level 3, because i lost the item. What should i do?

2017-08-28 15:01


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