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Find the Button! Easy?

Created by Razamayn

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"I have been trying so hard to get the power for myself! Maybe I am to selfish? I don't know... Maybe my father is right, it is time for me to pass it to someone else, and end this. Hey you! Yeah, you! Yes! The one reading this. I know this is not hard, but I am dumb, okay? Will you please do this for me? Please? You can get the POWER! And you may be the most POWERFUL HUMAN BEING in this ENTIRE WORLD."

You thought that she was just making a joke. But then, she grabbed your arms, and got you into this weird machinery. You thought thought that you were just dreaming so you laughed. You laughed so hard that you cannot breathe. You then realize that this is reality. You wanted to get out of that machine but it was too late. She locked you in the machine and waved goodbye. It was a teleporter! "But.. There is no such thing!" You said. But you must continue what you have started. Why were you laughing anyways? Huh.. JUST GO!

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Creator: Razamayn
(26 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 886 KB
Added: 2016-11-06
Downloads: 2,747
Category: Finding Maps


0 Razamayn -Creator- Everyone! I will fix this problem in Level 3 now. I hope you enjoy this! :D

2016-12-20 12:51

+1 emergency99 Hi, nice map. The error at level 3 has, as far as I have seen, already been acknoledged. Otherwise, thanks for the map, that even I could finish. I recorded the gameplay of the map in german and the Vid is going to be live at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9m6yc-NS78 in about 2 hours from when I comment here... (Approx. 16:00 GMT)
I fear I have butchered your name at leased twice, sorry for that.

2016-12-06 14:08

+1 Razamayn -Creator- Hello Everyone! I did notice the thing in the level 3. Yes, it is broken. I am very sorry. :(

2016-11-16 04:27

+1 SpeedAdventure Good Map! I Russian, but i'm word text on English. I'm recording this is map, and i have show my video!

2016-11-09 15:59

+1 RTBFrebel Hey great map i had so much fun recording it and i can't wait to see more map from you.

2016-11-08 03:19

+4 MegaLaserBeams The high button does not seem to do anything in Level 3? Is this a bug or am I missing something?

2016-11-07 11:14

+4 TS HEy theres a bug in the level 3 it doesnt teleport you to the next level that you need to do a parkour that is invisible blocks

2016-11-07 10:22

+1 Ian Hey, nice map! I found a glitch in level 3, there is no button!!! I saw the one on the wall, but when i checked the command, it only said tp @a, the level is incomplete. Other than that NICE MAP

2016-11-07 04:24


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