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Find That Button!

Created by Nabulous5

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This map is my first game map, and I think you will enjoy it very much.

There are 12 levels, 3 of which are secret! Keep you eyes open for them, and if you CANNOT find them at all, just post a comment asking where they're at, and I'll get back to you.

This map supports as many players as you'd like, but 1-2 players is optimal. This map should work on 1.9 as well, but it has only been tested on Minecraft 1.10, and 1.10.2.

Alright, that about wraps things up! I hope you enjoy! Please leave feedback (Positive or Negative) in the comment section.

If you have any suggestions/Bug reports, don't hesitate to let me know! Thanks for looking!


Map Details

Creator: Nabulous5
(209 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 5.14 MB
Added: 2016-08-01
Downloads: 19,628
Category: Finding Maps



2018-03-18 20:35

+3 Nabulous5 Quoting FIREYGAMER:
How do I find the secret levels?

Right click on the signs by my head and the beta tester's heads. Cheers!

2017-07-31 03:46

-1 Ghost Quoting bob:
i cant do the sand map, i cant get past the invisible blocks, help

I can't get past the sand one please help

2017-06-22 03:55

+4 FIREYGAMER How do I find the secret levels?

2017-06-10 02:05

+3 XxLittlelaurenxX I cannot find the secret 3 levels

2017-06-02 19:10

+1 Nabulous5 I like how this chat is a Q/A for your guys' Find That Button needs. Thanks for playing, and if you're having trouble, there are a couple videos on Youtube that should show how they're done! Sincerely - Nabulous5, the creator.

2017-03-20 00:31

0 1234k i am on the desert one but i cant find the button and don't know how to get to it pleas help me

2016-09-01 15:23

+7 FlyFox101 Quoting Scorpiom:
Where is the button on the level with the minecart and rails?

Go to that slab that's blocking you. Position yourself to the left and look rightdown (diagnol), you will see the lever. Pull that, and you wil go to the room. (PS I've watched UnspeakableGami ng's vid)

2016-08-31 14:18

+3 Xakiers The button is inside the invisible block! but how can i get in?????

2016-08-28 00:30

+5 GoldenBarry i am on the caved and cant go out where is the lever i thik its all about with the minecart but nothing

2016-08-23 08:25

-1 Cade where is the lever in the cave map plz help

2016-08-12 19:44

+4 me person where is the lever to pull down the slab on "caved in"

2016-08-11 17:48

+1 pug68 where is the button on golem factory

2016-08-10 14:33

-2 Zuzu where are lever on level Caved In?

2016-08-06 12:42

+2 Shadowswarm_0 what is 1940s night answer?

2016-08-05 21:17

+1 Anonymous Quoting Zach:
can't do the nether one, i feel that i have to go up the lava stream but i die before i can get up there, can someone help me

There is a little hole with no ladder in a corner next to the glowstone. You have to fall into the hole and that will give you jump boost. Jump out of the hole and on the glowstone, jump into the mini fortress and go into the little room. Turn towards the door and close it. You should have a little hole behing the door. The button is in that hole.

2016-08-05 10:58

-3 Zachattackpro Quoting Gary:
the second one
the uncles farmplace
cannot find the button?

Pig pen

2016-08-04 22:26

-1 Zach if ur having trouble see this lets play

2016-08-04 17:36

-1 Scorpiom Where is the button on the level with the minecart and rails?

2016-08-04 13:18

-1 sportakus2 Quoting Andrei:
How do i find the button in the library level?

There is button in one of the corners of the room.

However, its not on the wood block but on library/bookcas e block

YOu need to look up while doing this, the button is above you

2016-08-03 17:31

+2 Ash Help i`m stuck on the sand desert one i see the button how do i get to it?

2016-08-03 17:28

-2 Andrei How do i find the button in the library level?

2016-08-03 09:57

-1 Scorpiom Quoting Zach:
can't do the nether one, i feel that i have to go up the lava stream but i die before i can get up there, can someone help me

In the corner there is a hole and there is no ladder. To get out you get jump boost but hold space as you can jump twice with the jump boost. Jump on the cloud glowstone. From the glowstone you can jump onto the walkway into the to (you need t go past the fence). Go into the tower and close the door when your inside as the button is behind the door.

2016-08-02 21:03

0 DarkDerpSkillz Nether one? I'm stuck. I think it's up the lava...

2016-08-02 18:25

+2 TAY101 im stuck on the cave/mineshaft level please help ME! XD

2016-08-02 18:04

+2 meat_Wagon22 Quoting White Mystery:
where is the button on the level "Caved In"?

its inside the hill. who have to pull the lever to get the block to go down then its behind the anvil :D
ur welcome

2016-08-02 17:34

+3 EpicMaster925 Hey Nabulous5/Map Testers can you check out my video on your map, I liked it and it was enjoyable and I hope to see more of your maps soon!

Here is the vid website that is/will upload:

2016-08-02 16:35

+1 Seb Where is the button on Caved In?

2016-08-02 14:29

0 Madghostek How can I get to the button on second map??? It's on tree,but it's too high to just jump :(

2016-08-02 10:54

+1 doofcs For the "Caved In" level, that is a lever right there. Right click and you will gain access to the button which is behind the anvil next to the chest. Good luck on trying to press it!

2016-08-02 09:58


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