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Created by ExpandedReality

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Map Info

This map is a completely Vanilla "recreation" of the FTB-Retro modded map.

Using custom in-world crafting and resource progression, this map hopes to recreate the feel of the Retro map from years ago.

This map is not a copy of the Retro map, but rather an interpretation of how it could work in Vanilla Minecraft.

  • The map is completely playable for singleplayer and multiplayer.
  • Important rules and information is provided in-map at spawn.

There shouldn't be any major bugs, however, if bugs of any kind are found, please contact me over Discord to let me know. Discord is provided in-map.


Map Details

Creator: ExpandedReality
(105 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 9.4 MB
Added: 2019-11-29
Downloads: 5,639
Category: CTM Maps


-9 aexxotic would've been good if i could play it...
fell off my area while trying to build a cobble generator, and it spawned me under this large obsidian block. i have no idea what to do now, so i just have to delete the map. not recommended

2019-12-08 21:13

0 bruh u get stuck under the roof on lvl 3

2019-12-06 15:27

+1 joelene lam for people who dont know what ftb is can you explain?? becausce i would like to play this but i have no idea what its about ;((

2019-12-06 08:40

+2 jamieigue55 How does this map have such a positive rating? When you go into spectator mode at the beginning, there is no way to get out of it and thus no way to start the map, and so you have to reinstall the map.

If you die, you spawn underneath the pyramid and since you can't change your gamemode, you once again have to reinstall the map.

Don't play this map. It's not worth your time.

2019-12-05 22:16

-3 Patrik BADDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2019-12-04 19:23

+3 soultato Hi, sugarcane recipe isn't working! Its meant for tier 2 right?

2019-12-04 00:05

+3 soultato hi found a bug already, sugarcane isn't craftable (using the recipe in the book doesn't work despite orientation!)

2019-12-04 00:03

+6 john second recipes sugar cane and bucket of lava wrong

2019-12-02 14:01

+3 HELLO How do I get to other islands i'm stuck at the sky island (the one that you get to from stepping on the pressure plate). IDK what to do.

2019-12-02 00:00

+3 ahmet rules book you mentioned auto miner - auto chopper how are we using or are you talking about stone generator but what is auto chopper?

2019-12-01 17:56

+8 meciless how to get tiny fragments?

2019-12-01 17:24

-1 Greater_Dog01 How do you craft? i don't understand the books. please respond

2019-12-01 14:08

+10 PortalShock How exactly does crafting work i put the item frame in the pyramid and put a rotten flesh in it but i dont get rotten flesh

2019-11-30 12:15


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