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Star Wars: Space World

Created by John Ireland

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WARNING: This map is very multiplayer base, and some of the attractions need more than one person to play.

Star Wars: Space World is a theme park focused around the Star Wars Saga.

It features 9 main attractions, and a few smaller minigames.

Star Wars Parkour is on hold for now, so until that comes out, Star Wars: Space World will serve in its place in my Star Wars map trilogy, which includes SW Find The Button and SW Dropper.

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  • Brightness: Bright
  • Difficulty: Peaceful
  • Gamemode: Adventure
  • Play 1.12.2
  • If you record this, please credit my youtube


  • 1: Echo Base Spleef
  • 2: Trench Run Dropper
  • 3: Docking Bay 327 Find The Button
  • 4: Kamino Boat Race
  • 5: AT-AT Parkour
  • 6: Saga Coaster
  • 7: Mustafar PVP
  • 8: Docking Bay 94 Hide and Seek
  • 9: Endor Coaster


Map Details

Creator: John Ireland
(252 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 3.2 MB
Added: 2018-07-20
Downloads: 9,813
Category: Creation Maps

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