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Under the Sewers

Created by Can Eskinazi

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You have lost your locket, which is worth both sentimental and material. Take a trip to the sewage to find it.

I know, disgusting! But I promise it won’t be. You will have fun with this map. It is a mix of find the ‘button’, maze, puzzle and a lot more!

You will be missing out if you don’t play.

Good Luck!


Map Details

Creator: Can Eskinazi
(91 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 11.5 MB
Added: 2019-08-04
Downloads: 2,709
Category: Adventure Maps


+1 Sally I really appreciated the whole map! I would've liked a more complete storyline, but in general the mechanics are addictive! Perfect for a 20-minute break with Minecraft. Keep up the good work!

2019-08-19 07:12

0 TheTrevorTurtle I did a let's play of this map that you guys can check out! Probably one of my better Minecraft videos if I am being entirely honest! Check it out for a guide on the map if you need help, want a preview, or for live feedback while I play if you happen to be the creator!

Map Link:

2019-08-16 01:51

+1 ItsAce I've just released a review and walkthrough of this map. For a quick summary I had fun with this map but there are definitely things that could be improved. Still it made a good video and hope to see some more cool stuff from the creator :D

Here's my video if you're interested :)

2019-08-15 16:06

+2 Nick Very good map. This was the first map I've ever played, and it was very fun. Rated 5 Stars.

2019-08-14 12:05

+2 CreeperCade Is there a reset button?

2019-08-13 17:26

-1 dennis the builds are fine, but it's way too short, loads of spelling mistakes, and the conversation with the "Old Man" is just all wrong. Also, I got stuck at least 6 times and had to go into creative mode to break myself out. 1 star.

2019-08-11 22:22

0 Interprise Hello there! I played through you map and gave it 3 stars. It was ok but could use a bit polishing so here are some of my own personal tips/critiques on how you can make the map better!

Started in survival not adventure mode (if you do any items you need to place should be on a specific block "can place on")
Traversing the first part wasn't really that fun and could spruce up the environment in general
Start was pretty confusing and didn't think the blindness was necessary.
Milk Buckets in a barrel in case the command block didn't remove it?
Removing all the effects popped up in chat and you can hide that (and other commands) with /gamerule commandBlockOut put False
Pressure plate popped off into my inventory and the text went by WAY too fast
Page 3 hint should say ".. click on the Dispenser" not furnace
Fell into piston puzzle, should probably put the sand in starting area to begin with
I know its a sewer but even with max brightness it was pretty dark
Finally during the last part of finding the locket if you die by being under water too long you lose everything and respawn at the beginning of the map :/ To fix this you could do a /setspawnpoint command just before that part and do /gamerule keepInventory true

That being said I really enjoyed the backyard area and the house itself and the key finding was actually pretty fun and a bit challenging ^^

2019-08-10 05:53

+1 TheUltimateDestroyer I made a video on your map and had a fun time playing it.

Video -

2019-08-07 16:59

+2 Can Eskinazi Thanks for all your support

2019-08-07 14:47

+3 Marsh Connor Great map but very short

2019-08-07 09:21


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