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Time To Time

Created by Pugsly

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Made by Pugsly, PenguPlays, Spike.

You play as PugslyTheSecond, you just made a time machine which makes you the 1st person to time travel but someone (Your evil brother) ruins your whole day by trapping you in different times!

Please do note that if there any bugs in this version (Please do not mind all bugs, they just happen) Some bugs may include the ending part!

Please report all bugs to me in the comments!

Rules: Do not cheat always stay in adventure mode! If you get stuck on a part, make sure your looking at the parts that are odd!

This map was made for single player, not mutiplayer if there any bugs due to mutiplayer, sorry theres nothing we can do!

TO YOUTUBERS: If Your playing this map PLEASE LINK IT DOWN IN THE Desc! (If you die please redo the map cause its gonna prob be fixed in next version)


Map Details

Creator: Pugsly
(55 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.1
Size: 3.9 MB
Added: 2019-08-15
Downloads: 1,392
Category: Adventure Maps


+6 WhoAteMyButter This is just garbage. Poor build quality, poor dialogue, poor everything. The boss didn't trigger, the houses were way too basic, and I could easily jump out of the void if I wanted to. 1/10. At least I could finish it and move on with my life.

2019-08-25 23:14

+4 Coolchocolatev This map wasn't fun . it wasn't challenging . the dialog was go WAY to fast. puzzles where quite bad . story not really enjoyable / interesting. but the buildings and designs are pretty good. 2/5

2019-08-22 11:08

-3 HappyMonstaGaming awesome map, it will be cool if there's some texture packs/resource pack.

2019-08-20 13:27

+5 NotRequired. Map was meh and seems to be rushed.
First of all the buildings, which looked blank and empty shows that the effort made, is very low, in the second scene, the "Stone age" for example you can easily escape into the void as the barriers are placed poorly, beside that in many scenes you are able to see the void, which destroys the setting.
The story atleast isnt a plane crash like in most maps, the idea itself of traveling to different times isnt bad, but the story is uninterresting and boring.
I was expecting atleast a little bit more, especially since three people were working on this.
Last but not least the map is the shortest ive ever played.

2019-08-20 13:13

+6 Monkey Sorry, not big on parkour. Also, back right corner of first time machine, (jump on wall on left, go behind time machine, walk the top of the wall) if you fall in the hole, you cannot get out. Dead zones are bad for adventure maps.

2019-08-19 22:46

-2 TheUltimateDestroyer I had fun and made a video on this map.

Video -

2019-08-17 18:33

-3 cold2d Waiting for part 2!

2019-08-16 03:59

-4 Meifwa Just played this. Not too bad. Really really short though video will be available on 08/16/2019 at 7am EST. Also I think there may be a block jump that can't be made or at least I cant make it. Wound up moving the block up by one and that fixed that :P

2019-08-16 03:13


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