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The Wishing Cake!

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Check out PopularMMO's video of this map!

What the heck are you supposed to do when you accidentally buy yourself a magical cake that has the ability to talk and grant crazy wishes? Ask for a garage full of new cars, or a rocket trip to the moon? Both of these sound like awesome ideas, but it's never smart to trust a talking pastry of unknown origin...

...Especially if it knows your credit card number.

Discover why exactly that is so in this ten-ish minute long interactive misadventure!

Map Features

  • Quirky little puzzles to solve throughout the map
  • Your choices will affect the outcome of the map!
  • Many easter eggs to keep an eye out for
  • Character animations and cutscenes! (Ever seen a rocket take off in Minecraft?)
  • A very unexpected ending (Well, it WOULD have been a bit more unexpected had I not told you about the credit card... boy do I regret that now)


  • 1. Play in Minecraft 1.11.2, and play in adventure mode
  • 2. This is a single-player map
  • 3. Do not double-click tellraw messages! (It won't affect the circuit but, just in case...)

Note from the author

For some of you (and also quite a few YouTubers) who have played some of my earlier maps, thanks a million for tolerating my rather amateur mapmaking skills at the very start... After making a map or two I've now developed quite a bit more skill in the field of manipulating command blocks, and here we are!

I do hope you'll enjoy (or have enjoyed) this map, and if you did, show some love by following me on YouTube, or vote for this map so others can play it too :)

My channel:

Further Information

Regarding commentaries of this map on YT:

For YouTubers, it would be very helpful if you include a link to this page in the descriptions of your videos and also give credit to me as the creator of the map. (and also include the link to my channel in the description)



  • Why does this keep happening? I uploaded the wrong file for v1.2.2 (which is why it is somehow called v1.1) and thus the bugs were still there... anyway, thanks to a few dedicated YouTubers I realized that a while ago... I apologize for the bugs, and I guarantee that THIS TIME there are noooo more problems. Really. Yes, I mean it this time. Yes, I know this is like the gabajillionth time I've said this but IT'S FOR REAL THIS TIME OKAY


  • I BROKE A REPEATER AND FORGOT ABOUT IT OMG I AM JUST SO CARELESS. So sorry guys, I apologize for the inconvenience... do give the map another try for now there are no more redstone problems like these...


  • Fixed bug with fridge, I had misplaced a repeater while resetting the map for publication, leading to this bug... All is well now, and my apologies :b


2017-07-09 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: CreeperLadMC
(324 votes)
Map Version: v1.2.3
Minecraft Version: 1.11.2
File Size: 819 KB
Date Added: 2017-07-09
Downloads: 15,407
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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