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You're Thomas Galt, dead-end investigator for the Pinkertons, recently acquired by Odair Manufacturing and Industrials. Your branch is based in the poorer sections of Imperial City, the largest economic hub in the United Sovereignties of America, a large country still recovering from a crippling defeat during the Second Great War.

Due to the war, most of your coworkers have left the company (and never returned due to obvious reasons), but you were unfortunate enough to survive. Your war experience is only applicable to a job like the Pinkertons, who now act as a police force instead of a detective agency. The government collapsed after the war due to the already terrible economy and social tension. There is no police. There is only Pinkertons.

Soon, you become responsible for numerous missions, all from a single entity entitled "The Chief". You have never heard of him prior to the Odair Mfg and Industrials "merger", yet to are afraid to question whether "The Chief" is just a witty stranger from the street or the actual Head Officer.

You hate your job, but you do it anyways.


Because I use a villager system to trade important items, it is crucial that you do not read books before you trade them for other items. You will be given two books: one for trading, one for reading. Trading these books gives you a key to the next mission. Instead, you either have to split up the stack and then read only one copy and trade the other, or just trade one book and read the copy after the trading process. Due to a standing bug, read books will not be registered by the villager AI, making it useless.

If you do mess up and commit the error mentioned above, then you can switch to creative mode to give yourself a key and place it down in the right spot. This is the only time which you can cheat.

This map uses the latest version of "The End is Extremely Nigh: Revolution" resource pack, which is included within the .zip file.

This map is meant to be hard, even though the difficulty setting is at "normal" (Hard may be too hard). Your hearts do not regenerate, and your only source of health is to die or to use regenerative products. Without armor, enemies would usually three-shot you so having armor is crucial. You can go armorless if you want but don't come storming at me saying "y tis so hard tis map suks". On the plus side, your weapons deal a lot of damage as well, so it's balanced. Enemies are usually armored.

Brightness settings should be on the lowest setting.

Ideally, any world generation setting is applicable for this map.


This map is considerably short. Please pay attention to the story. That is what counts and should make up for length.

Notes From Map Creator:

Despite the ominous title, this map is not a horror map.

Despite the fact that this map utilizes a resource pack commonly found for apocalypse maps, I completely abuse the original purpose of the texture and utilize it for aesthetics only (plus you get a pretty sick texture pack which is all inclusive)

Also, this map has quite a lot of swearing. Not that you should actually care.

This is the first map I have ever created. Please comment down below if you have any suggestions or comments on the overall quality of the map. Thank you.

Thanks to the people who exist at DO-TEN Belgian Entertainment for playtesting and advertising this map (Don't ask how and why they're involved. It's a very long story. Considerably longer than most of maps found on this domain)

Now for words of wisdom:
Ayn Rand wrote terrible books. She was a terrible person.



2016-02-18 - Map Released.

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Map Details

Map Creator: CommupitalismJM
(287 votes)
Map Version: v2.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8.8
File Size: 10 MB
Date Added: 2016-02-18
Downloads: 11,198
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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