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The Curse of Starry Isle

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Welcome to The Curse of Starry Isle!

This is an adventure map set on a sprawling island with multiple interesting biomes to explore.

It is similarly styled to a CTM map, except it has many unique gameplay mechanics to add to the genre.

The Gameplay

Each dungeon features a unique challenge to the player. The blue shard's challenges include parkour across platforms that can light up in flames at any moment, to shooting targets that activate bridges. Not to mention fighting off the cursed inhabitants inside.

The challenge of the purple shard takes place inside the nether. The player will be facing custom mobs while being pre-occupied jumping from floating platform to platform.

To get the green shard, the player has to overcome spiders, strays, guardians and slimes in an underground tunnel system. The finale of this challenge is figuring out a logic puzzle to lower the bridge.

Finally, the red shard features a corrupted fortress. The player must lower the electric shield of the fortress, where the depths below are unlocked. Fighting off withers, blazes, and ghasts, a path of stepping stones across lava awaits. Once across, the player has to scale a mountain to get the crystal inside the skull of a giant dragon.

Once all of the shards are collected, a return to Starry Village is in order. Trading the gold nuggets that the player has collected in his adventure with the village's inhabitants can net some great loot. Once geared up, the player places the shards in their rightful place below the village, unlocking the entrance to the curse. Stepping in the portal, a battle ensues with custom mechanics.

After the player defeats the curse, they're free to explore the island in its entirety. Books can be found in the library that lead to hidden treasure if it's desired.

Additional Info

  • The map is available on realms too! Here's a blog post featuring it.
  • The version is 1.12.
  • Recommended players: 1-6 (This is only a guideline, more players can play with no issues but the loot may be more limited).



2018-05-14 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: AdamDJM
(396 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.12
File Size: 21.1 MB
Date Added: 2018-05-14
Downloads: 34,359
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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