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The Bane of Ebondale

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Map Info:
Your peaceful existence in the quiet mining town of Ebondale is thrown into disarray when a freak accident causes chaos amongst the local inhabitants. You must venture through four dangerous lands in order to seek aid for your townsmen and save them from an unforeseen danger.

Map Rules:
• Play on Your desired difficulty setting. Normal Is recommended.
• Sleep during the night phase to ease travel.
• Trading with the villagers is a vital part of the game. Many of them have customized trading options that will help you throughout the game.
• There are many hidden chests that are worth looking for. They will help you buy legendary gear.
• You are free to explore as you wish, however if you want to stay on the right track, follow the instructions given to you by the villagers. They will help guide you to your next objective.
• If you come across a steel door that isn't open it is likely you need find a lever or do something else to open it. Cheating and breaking the door might stop the plot developing and ruin your game.
• Mob spawners can be broken and you will be provided with tools to do so.
• You are allowed to take any items  you find in chests and craft new items at workbenches, anvils and enchantment tables.

Map Features:
• A large thriving landscape to explore.
There are a collection of small villages to explore each with a new theme and trade options.
• Approximately 2 hours of gameplay.
You can speed run it in just over an hour but your first time will likely take between 2 and 4.
• A collection of custom villagers and items.
These help develop the plot. Use the buttons or pressure pads by villagers to talk to them.
• Hidden Chests

There are many chests with special loot that can be traded with certain villagers.
• Beds/Checkpoints.
I've made sure to add at least 2 beds to each checkpoint so you can co-op it with a friend.
• 1.8 Vanilla
Designed to run in a completely vanilla environment. You may use your favourite texture pack but things might look a little strange.


2015-03-21 - Map Released.

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Map Details

Map Creator: Flylikeamouse
(28 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.8
File Size: 42 MB
Date Added: 2015-03-21
Downloads: 45,691
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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