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Teramia [Mod Edition]

Created by Dave Daniel

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Map Info

Teramia is an open world set on a small group of Islands. It makes use of over 70 Mods and features a 100% custom terrain divided in 6 distinct regions, 100 quests, multiple guilds to join and 40+ dungeons to explore.

Teramia Mod Edition Beta II [​April 2022][​New] [​Wizardry/Witchery Integration+Complete Overhaul]
After many delays, the new update has finally been completed! Enjoy!
If you have a question, seek more information or want to share your journey with us you can join the Teramia discord server. For a list of all new features added in Beta II, scroll down and see changelog. Also if you plan to stream or record youtube videos of Teramia feel free to share it on our discord.

The installation is basically the same as in previous versions. This update does just add a config folder and a ressourcepack to use on top of the maps new default texture pack conquest. It is basically a sound pack so make sure to put it on top of your ressourcepacks.

If you want to go for the intended experience, It is highly advised to use the maps new default pack "Conquest".
It is also suggested to use the cy4n's light pack on top if you don't use shaders.

1.Download and install latest version of Forge for minecraft 1.7.10
2.Download and unzip Teramia Mod Edition Beta II.
3.Open the unzipped folder Teramia Mod Edition Beta II.
4.Open the minecraft directory/folder on your computer.
5.Move Teramia Mod Edition Beta II -> saves folder [​minecraft]
6.Move mod folder from download -> minecraft folder [ make sure to have no other mods installed]
7.Move custom npc folder -> minecraft folder
8.Move config -> minecraft folder
9.Move Rhapsodia-0.6.1 Teramia Edit -> ressourcepacks
10.Move Teramia Soundpack -> ressourcepacks [​on top]
11.Move Teramia Supportpack -> ressourcepacks [​on top]

A complete video tutorial is going to be available soon.

Your ressourcepack folder should be organized like this. Cy4n Lighting is of course optional.


Optional Mod List
Here is a list of optional mods that can be installed to add new gameplay mechanics or increase difficulty. Config files for these mods are already included by default.

Stamina Rpg
Hunger Overhaul
Nomadic Tents
Multiplayer Splitscreen/Gamepad
Tooltip Mod: [​Not tested]

Teramia Discord

70+ Mods
->Custom Npc
->EB Wizardry
->Carpenters Blocks
->Mo's Creatures
->Balkon Weapon's
->Lycanite Mobs
->Fossils and Archeology Revival
->MB Battlegear 2
->Plant Mega Pack
->Voxel Map
->Minecraft Comes Alive
->Archimedes Ships
->Biome's O Plenty
->Sound Physics
->Many other mods.











2019-11-08 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Dave Daniel
(128 votes)
Map Version: v1.3
Minecraft Version: 1.7.10 (Java)
File Size: 461 MB
Date Added: 2019-11-08
Downloads: 16,011
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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