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Prison of the Monster

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You are closed in an empty prison with an absolute beast that is so dangerous, it slays anyone who tries to kill him.

The only way to escape is killing it. Its cell has no keys, you need four mysterious stones to open it.

But first, you have to prove your strength on some obstacles to even get the opportunity to fight the Monster.

Many tried, none succeed. Will you be the one?


  • Version: 1.12, no mods required
  • Difficulty: Easy or higher
  • Render distance: 6 chunks or more
  • Music & Sounds: Master, Noteblocks, Blocks, Hostile, Ambient at 100%, others optional
  • Chat settings: Chat shown, Colors on, Opacity at 100%
  • Brightness: Bright
  • Particles: All

The First 3 Checkpoints

Before fighting the Monster, there is a short obstacle course to test your abilities. If you are not good enough to kill the Boss, you can't even try to kill it.

This part has three checkpoints, after dying and getting back to the spawn point, turn around and press the button on the emerald block, that will take you back to your last completed checkpoint. If you completed all the three, this button takes you to the boss fight.

To go through the map, you need parkour skills, pace, patience, logic, skills with the bow and the sword (... or whatever weapon you have), seeing in the dark, survive alone, and an important thing: learning from your mistakes.

Detailed information about the three checkpoints at the Hints.

The Zombie Shooter

There is one more thing in the game that I'm very proud of: the Zombie Shooter!

You need this game at the beginning of the Boss fight to get a sword. It's about shooting at zombies for a point, avoiding killing villagers, and after reaching a certain amount of points, you get a sword. The more points, the better sword.

This is one more thing to reach the boss fight, you'll really like this mini game. Pro challenge: beat it with only one arrow!

Why to Try

This really means hours of fun while playing it. This map is not that easy one, made by a 12-year-old child who wanted to show the world.

It took me almost half a year to create, setting up complicated command block systems, and at the final test, it took me 80 minutes with 13 deaths to complete the map as a player - with knowing all the hard parts, all the traps, and all the loopholes.

It even made me angry several times... I promise you, it's hard, but not impossible, it worth a try.


Hints can be found on the PMC page (they are spoilers).

Base Story

The original idea was a smaller map on a Hungarian multiplayer survival server, called LavStud, where I was an Admin. I built the Prison of Herobrine, that players liked so much I built the 2nd and 3rd part of it, and even a 4th, Multiplayer map, played by two players. Now the server was regenerated, maps are lost, but I don't want "The Prison" to die.

As it was a multiplayer server, I didn't use tons of command blocks like I did this time, I used like 50, and everything else was based on redstone systems. This can be seen at the first three checkpoints of my new map, they rarely have a command block in it, but the boss fight is made entirely out of command block systems.

Well, I think, Herobrine is boring, it would be quite gray if the boss was Herobrine, so he is not. It's a surprise. That' the main change, hope you'll like it.

When finished, you can take a screenshot like this and post it, I'd love it.



2018-03-06 - Map Released.

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Map Details

Map Creator: Norvieta
(292 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
File Size: 1.3 MB
Date Added: 2018-03-06
Downloads: 6,169
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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