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Created by Likarios Lebeks

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This is an adventure map with small elements of CTM thrown in. It is my 6th map, and my biggest project to date, needing one year of work to complete.

  • Type: Adventure
  • Duration: 2H
  • Version: 1.10.2
  • Language: English / French
  • Players: Solo / Multiplayer
  • It works with a big resource pack, multiplayer compatible, it's playable in French and English.
  • It's an adventure map, but you will find in some CTM aspects.
  • Built for Minecraft 1.10.2 only.

Seriously, don't understand "parcel" as another word other than "a plot of land" ^_^

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"You awaken in a strange apartment. A mysterious button at the exit makes an explosion, putting the place in the sky, out of the ground. Despite the event, a voice tells you to stay calm.

After you placed two stones in a strange altar, the exit is accessible, and lets you see the sky from the destroyed corridor your walking through. It guides you to one of the numerous parcels that will let you get out of this Hell where someone keeps talking with you."


This map lets you travel "parcels", just like levels, in there you'll have to find "parcel stones", keys to be able to leave the parcel (this is where you find some CTM stuff).
At the end of each parcel, you will hear a voice, talking directly or not to you, and keeps making the story progress.

The more you progress in this map, the more the parcels will be bigger, as the number of parcel stones to find does.
The difficulty is increasing normally, but will feel it differently.

At a certain point, you'll find some varieties in this repetitive progression. It'll be connected to the story with some special rooms, preventing you to escape.

Finally, some reflection, action and musics are in the place!

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Creator: Likarios Lebeks
(720 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 81 MB
Added: 2017-01-09
Downloads: 26,028
Category: Adventure Maps


+3 FrenchiestFryy When i beat the first boss and the game progressed but Im still flying into the air and the noises from the battle are still playing. How can I fix this?

2018-06-03 18:34

+2 CatCatGem18 Quoting padraigpurple:
Excellent map! Found a parkour bug on level 21 (living cemetery?) where you can jump from the main cemetery wall to the enclosed are with two chests and get stuck. Also for some reason two music tracks play over one another throughout the entire game.

Well thats good to know.

2018-05-06 14:36

+7 beary123 i 100% love this map

2017-06-15 05:04

-7 NinjaMaster909 This is more of a Finding Map than an Adventure Map, but good map nonetheless. My only gripe is that the voice actor just seems so...bored. He doesn't have any emotion, it just seems like he's reading off a script.

2017-05-07 18:53

+6 FLB144 Oh my gosh, what an amazing game! i had no idea what i got myself into, this was an amazing experience!! keep up the good work!

2017-05-06 03:13

+6 BlazingSkills This map is so Amazing! :^)

2017-04-09 17:37

+2 Killergurke16 This map is AWESOME, love it. i tried it on a Aternos server, but it didnt work. it just didt let me out of the preview from the second parcel. but then, in singleplayer, i played it, my friend played it to. we played it at the same time, and finished nearly at the same time... took us just 4 hours. 4 hours of rage. 4 hours of 4. it was and is BEATIFULL. pls i mean realy PLS make a part 2, or at least another map as good as this one, because this is great and you dont see so good stuff often.

PS: sry for bad grammer/spellin g im not that good in english

2017-04-09 17:36

+5 Rayan I love it

2017-03-03 19:35

+5 KursedDane good map, but at the end i had to switvh gamemodes and fix the redstone to get it to teleport me to the parcel num. 1... might wanna fix that

2017-03-01 03:21

+10 KursedDane what do you do at the end? the shaking screen....

2017-03-01 03:11

+6 KamiWoofs This is the best map I've played! It's very fun, and I love that it takes time and is somewhat hard. Other maps are short and easy making them very boring. I love this map and finished the day I got it with one of my friends. We both enjoyed it very much and as soon as we were done she said, "Is there a second Parcels?" (Unfortunately not). It was the best map I've played they've put a ton of effort into this map even small details like a shower and a toilet that flushes. I will be recommending it to anyone I know that plays Minecraft. They did a wonderful job.

2017-02-25 01:15

-2 CrazyKat1 Quoting ChristianAidan:

There is a door to go inside the volcano. Go in that door. On your left and right, there are waterways that go into vines. Go to those cracks and click on it. There should be a parcel block in there. If you still need help just tell me! {:

I Still Am Confused xD

2017-02-20 19:42

+6 ChristianAidan Quoting Jack:
Same! I just need to get the 3rd parcel on that wood bit.

There is a door to go inside the volcano. Go in that door. On your left and right, there are waterways that go into vines. Go to those cracks and click on it. There should be a parcel block in there. If you still need help just tell me! {:

2017-02-20 04:06

+10 Poop I really like this map. best map i have ever played!! the time and effort and work put into this map shows really well.. I REALLY LIKED IT. I definitely recommend it!!

2017-01-27 18:04

+2 Mat Hey Great map so far im doing a lets play on my channel go check it out! mechaos

2017-01-27 03:40

+6 F&XaR0 The map is great! I'm really liking what map creators are doing with their tools these days.

2017-01-24 03:25

+4 IronslabMC By far, one of the best maps I've ever played! The story was very creative and interesting. Voice acting was great! (I like your accent) Music was awesome! It may have been a bit hard at some points, but overall I give it 9.7/10

2017-01-21 21:21

+5 DarkCakeKing_cz In case someone is wondering how the are songs called, I believe that they're from Kevin McLeod, come on, you have youtube on your side. :)

2017-01-21 20:13

+4 MinecraftPlayer The resource pack won't work and when i play the text i like "custom." something and the parcels are vases.

2017-01-21 17:49

+1 ! At the end, i /killed the boss, stepped on the pressure plate, music continued, shaking started but nothing else. this map is >: (=)

2017-01-21 17:21

-3 ! At the end, i /killed the boss, stepped on the pressure plate, music continued, shaking started but nothing else. this map is screwed!! >: (=)

2017-01-21 17:20

-2 ? good map, last level, boss can't be hit, had to /kill it, music kept going, I stepped on the pressure plate and nothing happened but /teleport shaking. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!?!?!?

2017-01-21 17:09

0 CandyGinger123 Quoting Jack:
Same! I just need to get the 3rd parcel on that wood bit.

Jack go to this link

its Popularmmos he played it and finished it
And your welcome

2017-01-21 06:27

+3 Invisibro82 Absolutely stunning. I've just finished and I have to say, that was probably the best map I've played in two years since Drobnovian Knights and the Golden Chalice of Kurast. The voice acting had some English errors, but I understand that English probably isn't your first language. I didn't feel any repetition as each of the levels was unique (My favorite being the final one with 10 parcel stones). The way you hid parcels and put them behind puzzles was amazing. I can't wait for a second part because that ending could not be the very end. I would like to see a clearer storyline though, because you never explained how or why the character was in the apartment and at the end when you were back in "???" Parcel 1, it showed those screens. Again, you are amazing and I hope all your next maps live up to this.

2017-01-21 04:55

+6 Del What is the name of the song that plays in the background of warm snow

2017-01-21 03:41

+5 Josh AMAZING. Absolutely amazing . really reccomend it

2017-01-18 20:33

+2 moonsugarx This map was amazing! The parkour made me a little upset at times, but was overall amazing! The music was awesome, the voice acting was great, and the story was so different!

Only thing that bothered me was the turrets at the end. They one-hit kill you and they're just really really hard to get past! I thought I was gonna be okay at my 7 death spot, but those dang things put me at 25 by the end of the map! But overall just a beautiful and fun map!

2017-01-16 23:03

+3 Jrmclaughlin I can't get pas level 27 or 28. the one that is an icy cave? please help me!! i found all the parcels but i can't find the door to the next level!!!

2017-01-16 22:06


2017-01-16 17:49

+3 TheNetherHunter Great map! I had to take a break in the middle because I found it a little repetitive but nevertheless fun. Voice acting was cool music was nice.
I thnk it needed some hints here and there for some of the harder levels but overall good job.

2017-01-16 16:58


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