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Out of the Pit

Created by panR4IN

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IMPORTANT: PLAY ON 1.16.1 !!! (not 1.16.4, .5 ...)


You play as the feared bounty hunter named Jules Killjoy. Jules lives in a crime-infested, fallout-affected dump of a city, simply called "The Hole". There, gangsters and all kinds of crimes and death are at each and every corner, but Jules doesn't fear such things, he's there to get rid of this filth and "clean" the city.
Get involved in various contracts, gun down armies of mutants and mobsters, and figure out who's at the top of all crime in the city.


  • Gameplay in the style of retro shooters (fast, divided into multiple chapters and levels, secrets!)
  • A variety of deadly guns to use (all completely vanilla)
  • Aggressive, synthwave, techno and metal soundtrack that will get your blood pumping
  • Immersive, realistic graphics
  • Detailed environments and engaging level design
  • Shop and currency system
  • A variety of equipment to help you on your journey
  • Custom sounds for weapons and enemies
  • A vague, but compelling storyline
  • Custom enemies, some with special abilities
  • Intense, custom boss battles

Additional credits:
Guns datapack
Textures from: Brutalist Pack, Bloodcraft, Silent Hill Pack, Post Greyxed, Half-Life 2 Textures Pack, Norzeteus Space, Battered Old Stuff Pack
Music is credited in the MUSIC CREDITS.txt file included with the download


v1.3 Update
This update mostly brings quality of life improvements.

-Fixed a dialogue line where a Devilhead mobster was shouting at you but it called him a "Civilian" in the text
-Fixed a spawnpoint at Hush's arena
-Buffed the radius of the Apotheosis' ability debuff to enemies
-Apotheosis ability is now Multiplayer-compatible (though that shouldn't matter, since the map is Singleplayer-only, but some of you still love to break the rules)
-Improved smoothness of gameplay
=> New and improved cooldown system for the Apotheosis ability, now it won't disappear from your inventory and reappear instantly, it will simply stay in your inventory but the cooldown will still work properly

- Fixed an exploit where after mission 1-3 you could spam the Bartender cash reward to get infinite cash.
- Added more background environments to see through the windows in mission 1-4 (previously there was nothing and you could easily see outside of the map).
- "Fixed" a typo at the start of mission 1-5.


Map Details

Creator: panR4IN
(46 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 377 MB
Added: 2021-05-16
Downloads: 6,454
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Kane Hey PANR4IN, I got so excited when I saw you made a new map.

My excitement was not met with disappointment. Like your previous maps, the plot is fresh and original, characters have unique back stories, and the mechanics are generally smooth throughout the map.The BGM played during this map was really sick, loved it! This time though, you didn't make another horror map, love a different genre of map from you.

However, I'm afraid I can't say this map is perfect. A flaw would be some weapons especially higher tier guns took a few seconds to be able to fire after selecting them in the hotbar. It might not sound like a big deal, but it caused me a lot of pain especially when the enemies were charging at me and I couldn't take them down.Would appreciate if you could fix this.

Another flaw would be some parts have too many enemies. I consider the ammo supply in this map plentiful, but some parts just have too many enemies even with good weapons and lots of ammo. One example would be when stealing the diamond on the bonus mission.

One more issue would be I respawned under the map, where the redstone and command blocks are when I died to Hush phase 3. Could you give me the coordinates of the boss fight area of Hush? I can't find that part of the map and I want to finish the map.

Would appreciate if you could fix the issues I encountered and look forward to completing this map. Once again, love your maps, keep it up!

2021-06-02 14:27

0 Vadim Quoting THCDPRO:
hai i have a question if i play on lunar client and launch it in the version 1.16 will it work? cause i don't wanna download moded minecraft and optifine

Lunar client currently has a massive bug which crashes the game if you apply resource pack. Just download optifine

2021-05-28 03:48

0 Sir_Fine This was quite possibly one of the coolest/well made maps I have played in a while. It reminded me of those old assassin games on AddictingGames. The music was rad as hell too! This felt like it's own game it was so well tied together. Well done! I'm looking forward to seeing more maps from you or your team! Wish there was more map to play (it's already a decent length tho good job)!

2021-05-24 21:39

-1 Anlyking it is take ing me the a stone bow saying enable comendblocks on the sever

2021-05-24 05:30

0 Leonardoudine Faboulous CTM one of the best i ever played

2021-05-23 22:18

0 THIC Where is a resourcepack

2021-05-21 20:50

+7 THCDPRO hai i have a question if i play on lunar client and launch it in the version 1.16 will it work? cause i don't wanna download moded minecraft and optifine

2021-05-17 21:17


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